5 yuan safety helmet three no life jacket on sale

recently, some consumers reported to our newspaper that there are many problems in the labor protection products sold in some labor protection products stores on the market. Yesterday morning, the reporter made an appointment with the staff of the market contract section of Jianhua District 1ndustrial and commercial sub bureau to inspect the labor protection products market of Jianhua district. During the inspection, it was found that there were common quality problems in safety helmets, life jackets, gas masks and other labor protection appliances. Whether such labor protection articles can protect workers is questionable

in Shuangan labor protection appliance store, the inspectors found that the safety helmet sold in the store did not have any product certificate and instruction manual. There is also a kind of safety helmet with a higher price. The shopkeeper claimed that it was an imported safety helmet. When the inspectors asked for the relevant procedures for imported products, the shopkeeper was evasive and could not issue it. During the inspection of the life jackets, the inspectors found that the life jackets sold in the store did not have any product license, and there was no sign on the life jackets. 1nspectors told reporters that life jackets are mandatory safety products of the state. To sell life jackets, you must attach relevant information such as address, name of the factory, technical parameters, and instruction manual. The quality of life jackets sold in shuang’an stores is not up to standard, and they are three no products

during the inspection of several labor protection products stores such as “Shunxin”, the inspectors said that they were workers at a construction site and wanted to buy some cheaper safety helmets. Several stores recommended a safety helmet with a price of 5 yuan to the inspectors and said that there were a large number of safety helmets in stock. The safety helmet with a normal market price of dozens of yuan is sold for 5 yuan, and its quality can be imagined. 1nspectors said that this kind of safety helmet only has the appearance of safety helmet, but does not have the quality of safety helmet. This kind of helmet can be broken with fists. How can it stand the attack of heavy objects, let alone protect the safety and life of workers

in addition, during the inspection, the staff also found that the anti gas masks sold in many labor protection stores either had no production date, or those with production date had expired. 1n view of the above situation, the industrial and commercial personnel issued a notice of inquiry to the owner, and will be punished according to the specific situation(Yan Dong (Zhang Xin)

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