56 kinds of products such as shoes are subject to EU anti dumping

according to the latest statistics released by the Bureau of fair trade in import and export of the Ministry of Commerce yesterday, as of the end of March this year, there were 152 cases of trade remedy measures initiated by the European Union against China, of which 56 cases of trade remedy measures that the European Union has ruled against China and are being implemented< According to statistics, antidumping cases account for the vast majority of the trade remedy cases initiated by EU against China, with a total of 149 cases. 1n addition, there are two safeguard measures and one special safeguard measure< According to Cheng Dawei, an expert of Beijing WTO Affairs Center, 56 kinds of export products in China are suffering from trade remedy measures from the EU at the same time, which is relatively high in the world. Some of these products have gone through several anti-dumping or other trade relief measures, but after the relief measures expired, the EU launched "sunset review" and other protective measures again, which extended the implementation period of trade relief measures again and again among all kinds of EU anti-dumping exports to China, China’s leather shoes have been subject to anti-dumping sanctions for nearly five years in July 2005, the European Union began to file an anti-dumping case against Chinese leather shoes, and in October 2006, it began to impose an anti-dumping duty of 16.5% on Chinese leather shoes. 1n October 2008, after the EU’s two-year anti-dumping measures on Chinese leather shoes expired, the European Commission launched an anti-dumping review at the end of the administrative period in spite of the opposition of the member states. At the end of 2009, it ruled that the anti-dumping duty on Chinese and Vietnamese leather shoes would continue to be levied for 15 months

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