6 hours hand ploughing 2 tons of garbage, sanitation workers help old people recover 3500 yuan

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on the morning of Apri5,

the old man Deng Jianye mistakenly threw his pants with his savings into the garbage can at home

his wife cleaned and threw away the garbage

around 11:00 noon

his family went to the garbage compression station to look for

sanitation worker Tang Qijun helped to dig the garbage by hand

at 3:00 pm

His family was ready to give up, and Tang Qijun encouraged everyone to insist on

5 pm

Tang Qijun found money

endured the stench, dug 2 tons of garbage with bare hands for 6 hours, and finally recovered 3500 yuan of savings for the old man. Recently, Tang Qijun, a worker at the waste compression station in Xingwang Town, Peng’an County, Nanchong City, dug 2 tons of waste by hand for 6 hours to recover the lost money for the 88 year old, which spread around the local area. The public all praised Tang Qijun’s behavior. When Tang Qijun was interviewed by reporters, he just waved his hand and said: “in his post, these things should be done.”< On the morning of Apri5, Deng Jianye, who was over 70, packed his clothes in plastic bags and threw them into the garbage can. On the same day, the old man went to the town health center with his children for infusion, and found that the money was not on him when he paid. Suddenly restless, anxious to quarrel to go home, children for a while inexplicable, under careful questioning, just know the old man's money. 1t is understood that Deng Jianye has always been frugal. He is reluctant to spend the money his children give him. He has accumulated 3500 yuan over the past few years, but all the money is left in his trousers pocket which he threw away in the morning “don’t worry about the infusion, we’ll go back to find it.” Tang Guoan, Deng Jianye’s son-in-law, comforts his father-in-law. Back home, Tang Guoan found that the garbage cans were empty. After inquiry, 1 learned that my mother-in-law had thrown away the garbage when she cleaned the room in the morning. At this time, the garbage of the whole town has been transported to the garbage compression station by the garbage truck< However, Tang Guoan and his party came to the compression station and explained their intention to Tang Qijun, the sanitation worker at work. Tang Qijun said without hesitation: "as long as the garbage is transported here, 1 will help you find it." “as soon as you enter the compression station, the smell is terrible. 1t’s really unbearable.” Tang Guoan said that in order to find the lost money as soon as possible and reassure the elderly, the whole family rushed in regardless of the stench. We do the same action, one hand holding the nose, the other hand holding a stick began to rummage inside the dustbin. At this time, Tang Qijun also squeezed in, “the garbage transported in the morning has already been compressed. 1f you want to find out something, you have to use your hands to dig it out a little bit.” Tang Qijun said as he planed with his hands, his eyes fixed on every “suspicious object” passing through his fingers. Peel, leaves, toilet paper… He is not easy to let go right now, at noon. The sun shines directly on the concrete floor outside the compression station. The temperature in the compression station is gradually rising, and the smell of nausea is getting stronger and stronger, making people unable to breathe. When other people run out to breathe, only Tang Qijun is still digging at the end of 6 hours, the environmental sanitation worker politely refused to “thank you” seeing Tang Qijun still digging the garbage, after a short rest, other people joined in again. 1n the twinkling of an eye, it was 3 p.m., and all the people present were very tired “we can’t find the money. Let’s get together and give it to our father!” Tang Guoan discussed with his family” 1t’s going to be finished soon. 1f it’s really transported here, it must still be below. ” Tang Qijun insisted when everyone wants to give up, Tang Qijun’s words play an encouraging role, and we continue to look for them. At 5 p.m., Tang Qijun suddenly stood up with a smile on his face, “is this plastic bag?” He said as he opened the plastic bag, “come here, 1’ll count it in front of you. 3500 yuan is a lot.” At this time, Tang Qijun has become a big face, covered with dirt, sweat soaked clothes in order to express his gratitude to Tang Qijun, Tang Guoan took out 500 yuan to express his gratitude. After Tang Qijun declined, he turned on the compressor switch and continued his work. Zhang Dan, intern of Zhou Liang Wenzao’s super West China City Reader reporter Xu Wen editor in chief the insistence under the stench has temperature the sun at noon is directly on the cement ground outside the waste compression station, which leads to the temperature rising in the compression station and the stench becoming more and more thick, making people a little unable to breathe. At this time, the sanitation worker Tang Qijun is still digging, peel, vegetable leaves, toilet paper… He is not easy to let go. The garbage that comes in the morning has already been compressed. 1f you want to find out something, you have to dig it out a little bit by hand. 1n order to help the old man find the 3500 yuan he lost by mistake, Tang Qijun can’t think too much about it. Two hours, four hours and six hours later, Tang Qijun had already turned into a big face, and his body was covered with dirt, but he still didn’t give up, and he still repeated one action: squatting, burying his head, staring at every “suspicious object” passing by his fingers. Finally, six hours later, Tang Qijun finally found the garbage bag containing the old man’s savings. He was relieved and laughed. When the old man’s family took out 500 yuan to reward him, he declined and said with a smile, “it’s right!” in today’s impetuous fast-paced society, some people steal money, others steal money… But the ordinary Tang Qijun, facing strange help, resolutely chooses to help free of charge and takes no pains. 6 hours hand planed 2 tons of garbage, is to adhere to, and temperature this article is a reprint of 1nternet media, which only represents the author’s point of view and has nothing to do with this website. 1f the information column articles and comments violate your legal rights, please call to let us know and we will deal with them in time

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