8 steps of chemical leakage adsorption product

1ntroduce the 8 necessary steps for the detailed planning and proper preparation of chemical leakage adsorption products

1) list all liquids in the storage space in detail in the form of a list (regardless of the degree of danger)

2) detailed statistics of each liquid are included

3) clearly distinguish “dangerous” or “overflow prone” areas, and put up eye-catching signs at the same time

4) the exclusive person in charge of each area must count the name and quantity of the possible spilled liquid in the responsible area

5) the exclusive person in charge should regularly update the MSDS of the liquid in his area of responsibility

6) according to the type of liquid in different areas, it is necessary to select the correct liquid matching tools and clean the accessories regularly

7) it is necessary to formulate a quick emergency plan under unconventional conditions such as weather, and formulate a specific implementation plan for storing the liquid in other areas

8) the exclusive person in charge is also responsible for checking all the utensils containing liquid and regularly cleaning and repairing them to ensure that they are in good condition

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