90% of bus passengers do not wear seat belts

Jinan traffic police conducted a centralized inspection of passing buses on the unified action day of the province’s centralized investigation and punishment of bus overcrowding on the 16th. The results showed that 90% of passengers did not wear seat belts in order to save trouble

in the morning of that day, at Jigang checkpoint on Gongye North Road, the police of Jinan 1ron and steel squadron of Licheng Traffic Police Brigade carried out inspection one by one on the passing buses with more than 7 seats

at 9:30, a bus from the east bus station to zhangqiuning Jiabu was signaled by the traffic police to pull over for routine inspection. The bus carried 33 people, but only 16 people. Although the car’s hardware and software facilities are in line with operating standards, but the sharp eyed police found that most of the passengers on the car did not wear seat belts

after counting, only five of the 16 passengers wore seat belts. Why not wear your seat belt? 1n the face of the police’s inquiry, a middle-aged man in the car said with indifference: “how hard it is to be bound!”

the traffic police checked another bus from Jinan to Zouping, which carried 33 people, but all the passengers didn’t wear their seat belts. When it comes to the importance of wearing seat belts, many passengers think it’s unimportant. Later, the reporter boarded another three medium and long distance buses and found that 90% of the passengers were not wearing seat belts

“at critical moments, seat belts can save lives. There’s a big difference between wearing a seat belt or not! ” Zhang Chengbin, the instructor of the vehicle management center of Licheng traffic police brigade, said that buses generally do not have a full load-bearing steel frame structure, which is easy to deform or even fall apart after collision. For the sake of safety, passengers must wear seat belts when taking buses

“they are not aware of their own safety, most of the passengers want to save trouble, but also have a fluke mentality, so they don’t pay attention to these details.” Zhang Chengbin said helplessly that passengers, unlike drivers, will not be deducted or fined for not wearing seat belts. Without compulsion, we can only rely on self-consciousness

according to Article 51 of China’s current road traffic safety law, when a motor vehicle is running, drivers and passengers should use seat belts according to regulations. However, there is no rigid correction regulation for the behavior of passengers not wearing seat belts” There is no legal basis. 1n the process of law enforcement, passengers who don’t wear seat belts can’t be punished, they can only be persuaded. ” Jinan, a traffic police said

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