A 3M long steel bar is inserted obliquely into the head

at about 3:50 p.m. on May 23, at a construction site in Luoyuan County, a steel bar fell from the 19th floor and inserted into the head of a worker on the 17th floor. After that, the fire department came and cut the steel bars. The injured workers were sent to the hospital and were still in the rescue as of 10 o’clock last night

according to the informed workers, the injured worker was from Chongqing. The young man was working on the external wall of the 17th floor at that time. Suddenly there was a scream. When you look back, the scene in front of you is creepy. The 3-meter-long steel bar was inserted obliquely on the young man’s head. The sharp pain made the young man wail constantly

after receiving the alarm, firefighters, police and doctors rushed to the scene one after another. The steel bar penetrated through the safety helmet and obliquely inserted into the head of the injured, and blood gushed from the wound

the injured workers could not be lifted onto stretchers due to too long steel bars. Under the guidance of the medical staff, two workers helped to fix the steel bar, so as to prevent the steel bar from shaking during the shearing process and causing secondary injury to the injured. Then three firefighters holding cutting tools, a few minutes later, exposed 2 meters long steel was cut, after the injured were sent to the hospital for emergency treatment

after the incident, the reporter learned from Luoyuan county hospital that in view of the serious injury of the worker, the worker urgently needed brain surgery to remove the head reinforcement, and he had been transferred to the provincial hospital for treatment. As of 10 pm, he was still in the rescue

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