A beautiful scenery of Labor 1nsurance Association

from April 20 to 22, 2019, the 98th China labor protection products fair with the theme of “forge ahead and love together” will be held in Shanghai New 1nternational Expo Center. Taicang Qihua knitwear Co., Ltd. has set up an exhibition in dc37 of E4 hall. Professional audiences from all over the world stop to see the “good employees” brand in front of Qihua booth

Qihua has brought the new upgraded product packaging, and invited Eddie, the spokesperson of the enterprise brand, to be the platform of “good employees”. The fashionable and simple packaging brightens people’s eyes, and the professional and sincere service makes users feel the strong warmth from Qihua’s “good employees” brand in the cool April

from Qihua’s overall booth construction, product display layout and staff’s mental outlook, it is not difficult to see that Qihua’s determination and confidence to become a more professional hand protection products service provider, and the continuous upgrading of product technology and packaging are the development track of Qihua, as well as the development track of its “good employees” brand. The labor insurance association is a kaleidoscope, From here we can see the colorful side of Qihua’s “good employees”; The labor insurance association is also a mirror, which reflects the future of “good employees” into reality

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