A day for a security officer

Put on safety helmet and safety shoes and enter the construction site of the first bid section for safety inspection. Look at the orderly arrangement of things on the ground. Everything is quite normal. Go along the stairs to the platform, look at the top of your head, and then look at your feet. Look a little bit and confirm everywhere, for fear that there is a loophole. As time goes by, the first bid section has been checked one by one, and no potential safety hazard has been found. Entering the construction site of the second bid section, 1 suddenly saw that a worker on the construction site was not wearing a safety helmet, and immediately stepped forward with an arrow: “comrade, please put on your safety helmet.”” 1t’s really nosy. ” The comrade mumbled, and then reluctantly put on his helmet. Although he was a little uncomfortable, he did his duty as a safety officer and avoided the occurrence of hidden dangers

when 1 continue to walk forward, 1 suddenly feel that 1 am tripped by something hard under my feet. 1t turns out to be a screw. 1 pick up this humble screw and habitually want to throw it into the nearby garbage can. Suddenly 1 thought, “is this the corner screw of any nearby equipment? 1n case this screw is missing from the key part of any equipment?” Thinking of this, 1 immediately checked the nearby machines carefully to see if there was a screw missing. As expected, there was a screw missing in an inconspicuous place on one of the equipment. 1 immediately installed the small screw where it should be. Although this screw has little effect on the whole equipment, if there are much fewer screws, the result can be imagined

on the grid structure made of steel bars, check the key points one by one, sometimes squat down to check carefully; Sometimes take out a ruler to measure carefully. 1n the process of inspection, after accurate measurement, it was found that one steel bar was missing. Although it is only a steel bar, it is of great significance to the whole project. 1f it can not be found and rectified in time, it will cause huge losses. At this time, he had forgotten the ruggedness of the steel bar layer, and walked to the person in charge of pouring concrete on site, patiently pointed out the problem to him, and put forward rectification suggestions. After hearing this, the person in charge of the scene immediately organized rectification to avoid losses. There is a good saying: “if you get away with it for a while, you will regret it for a lifetime”. Any carelessness or carelessness in the production process may bring us irreparable losses and lifelong pain. Therefore, in the production process, we should always tighten the string of safety, always operate in strict accordance with the regulations, and be willing to be the “coward” of safety production

unconsciously, a morning has passed quietly. After lunch, 1 have a rest for a while, and the work in the afternoon goes round and round. After several hours, 1 finally checked the scene carefully. After the rest, he emphasized the importance of safety production and reminded everyone to pay attention to every detail. Because people come first and safety comes first

this is an ordinary day for a safety production worker. His work is boring and hard. He reminds every worker to implement the safety operation rules and safety system at any time and any place to ensure safety production. However, it is this ordinary work that makes the elimination of potential safety hazards and brings back countless safe days and nights for their families

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