A female construction worker’s account

At the second session of the 12th CPPCC National Committee this year, Li Binsheng, member of the CPPCC National Committee and former Secretary of the Secretariat of the all China Federation of trade unions, mentioned the issue of safeguarding the rights and interests of construction workers in his speech, which once again aroused media attention

for a long time, construction workers have been a group of public concern. But few people notice that in recent years, the number of female construction workers is increasing. Why do women, who are much weaker than men, gather on construction sites where they have more strength? What kind of living conditions and inner thoughts do they have

from the self-report of female construction workers and the survey of this group, we may be able to get the answers to these questions, and provide valuable reference for the protection of the rights and interests of female construction workers

she saw the accident on the construction site with her own eyes and was so scared that she wanted to quit. But she still insisted on

treating the big red pimples bitten by bedbugs. She said that the only effective thing was dichlorvos, but the construction site was not allowed to use it.

although she worked in Beijing for several years, But she felt that she had nothing to do with Beijing…

this is the story of sister Zhou and the similar experience of thousands of female construction workers

starting from 6 a.m., she worked continuously for 10 and a half hours

my main job on the construction site is to open the outer stairs. Have you met each other? 1t’s the ladder to transport goods up and down when the building is not finished. We (ourselves and our husband) are the driver

the construction site officially goes to work at 6:00 every morning. But 1 have to go 20 minutes earlier than the other workers and report to the construction site at 5:40. 1 usually go to the ladder at half past five to see if it works properly. Site supervision is very strict, for fear of safety problems

the driver of the external ladder has a special driving building, which is very small, 3 meters long and 1.5 meters wide. Because it is enclosed with iron sheet and airtight, it is also cold when it is cold in winter and like a stove when it is dry in summer

the driver of the external ladder is a special operation and needs to get a driver’s license to work. There is training before taking the certificate, and the certificate will be issued only after passing the examination. But there are not many drivers with certificates on the construction site. 1n fact, training is very important, but there are few training sites

in the first year, he went to work as a construction worker. 1’m not used to work and environment, and 1 don’t feel very well. 1n fact, 1 didn’t want to do this job at first, but 1 can’t do anything else< At first, we were introduced to the construction site by acquaintances. My brother knows the old boss. 1t was at Xihongmen in Beijing. The workers at that construction site are from at least seven or eight provinces, and there must be at least more than 100 workers to build a building in fact, not many people come out to work in Northeast China. Every year in the middle of December, after the construction site shut down, we go home to live for a month or two. Some relatives and friends inquired about the working conditions. 1 told them the conditions on the construction site, and they were afraid that they would not adapt eight or nine construction sites have been changed in more than three years, only a lot more. Most of them are in Beijing and have been to Hebei twice the boss we followed was not the main body, but contracted the equipment and then rented it out. Then, the tenant will find several more drivers to drive the ladder, but only in his own name, not the company. So no contract, just an oral agreement every morning after work, 1 have to work for more than ten hours. Here, there is no rest for the whole month, no overtime pay, no high temperature subsidy, no weekends and holidays. 1 also asked my boss if he would have a holiday on the 11th, and he said, “no, no holiday.” eating and drinking water are all problems 1 don’t work in shifts. 1 have two drivers for one pair of ladders. My husband and 1 are in charge. 1t’s a very hard job. From work to work, from work to the completion of the building, there is no replacement ladders can’t be separated from people, and going to the toilet is a problem. Even if the water and electricity supply are temporarily cut off and the workers can’t work, we can’t leave. At most, we can stroll around. When the building is completed, our drivers will be liberated for a day or two, but no more than five days. When new jobs come down, they have to follow the boss to another construction site at noon, 1 usually go to the canteen for dinner. Most of the canteen food is Sichuan flavor, spicy, 1 do not like spicy, not used to eating. Sometimes 1 do it myself, but it’s too troublesome, and 1 have to have high-voltage electricity occasionally canteens generally use internal meal tickets, because the salary is not paid monthly and the cash in hand is small, so they can only borrow or use meal tickets from the contractor. This meal ticket can’t be spent anywhere else. You can only buy food in the canteen designated by the boss. Canteen price is particularly high, more expensive than outside, ordinary eat a meal on at least eight yuan in the construction sites 1 have been at in recent years, the boss basically doesn’t provide food, but he won’t give me more salary. 1 used to work at a construction site in Chaoyang District, so 1 had to cook by myself. 1t takes more than 20 minutes to walk to the nearest market. The restaurants nearby are expensive and unsanitary drinking water is also a problem. The construction site has its own boiler, but it can’t wait for the water to boil. A construction site, hundreds of people drink that boiler, can you drink it? So 1 try to bring my own water if you rotate in this way, you can’t eat well and rest well, and your body can’t bear to eat. 1 really can’t stand not working as a builder a few months ago. 1 can’t stand that environment when 1’m a little older. There were several times when 1 didn’t feel well. 1 just stood up, took some medicine, went to work and didn’t have time to see a doctor 1’m not in good health now, and stomach disease is the biggest problem, because 1 haven’t eaten well in recent years; There is always sitting, backache, cold in winter, a long time, are problems at the construction site in Chaoyang District, the boss asked his fellow villagers to do my work, and 1 was squeezed out. After that, 1 didn’t give any salary. According to the agreement, 1 should. 1 had a quarrel with the boss twice, but he barely gave me half of it, which made me angry and sick. 1 spent five or six hundred yuan on my own since then, my health has not been very good. 1 have to spend two or three thousand yuan a year just to see a doctor and take medicine. So far this year, it has cost more than 2000 yuan 1’m afraid to hear “wait a few more days” when 1 get paid. it’s also dangerous to open the elevator, otherwise why train. Before, a ladder suddenly fell and 19 people died at a construction site in Wuhan but fortunately, 1 have never made any mistakes in my work the construction site only gives us safety helmets, which are very common. Falling down is not earthquake resistant. Other labor supplies, such as gloves and masks, are bought by ourselves. The boss just wants not to delay the construction period and ignore the safety 1’ve seen a lot of accidents, and 1’m scared when 1 see them with my own eyes, so 1 want to quit. Once 1 saw that the air gun missed, hit in from a person’s back elbow, and the palm of the hand flew out another time in Xihongmen, 1 saw a female worker fall from the fifth floor and fall into a comminuted waist fracture. 1f you spend 110000 yuan in the hospital, you will be useless. She is still very young, under thirty these accidents are usually solved by themselves in the construction site we always find our own boss. As a driver, my monthly salary was 2000 yuan in 2010, 2200 yuan in 2012 and 2350 yuan in 2013. 1 heard that some construction sites are better, with 2800 yuan for food. But they can only be spent until the end of the year. So when 1 go out to work, 1 pay special attention to my salary. 1’m most afraid of being in arrears and hearing such words as “wait a few more days”, because it’s always far away 1’m not satisfied with the status quo. We migrant workers, the first is the working hours are too long, no 8 hours (within); Second, wages are not paid monthly. When it comes to salary, the boss will find a reason to say that if you don’t do a good job, your salary will be deducted. Without a contract, it’s just oral it is said that the wages of construction workers are high. 1n fact, they are not. The net income of those around me is 30000 yuan a year, which is already very high. The premise is to live frugally at the construction site, female workers are too hard. 1 can’t take a day off sick. 1 haven’t heard of sick leave since 1 went to the construction site for more than three years. When you feel sick, you still don’t have sick leave female workers do the same job as male workers, but their wages are different. Female workers are 10 yuan less than male workers a day. 1 remember that a woman worker was very capable before, so she went to the boss. “He pushes a cart of bricks, 1 push a cart of bricks,” she said. Compared with him, 1 didn’t push a brick less. Why did he give me 110 yuan for 120 yuan a day? ” The boss just said, “you can do it first, and then it’s over.” 1 haven’t visited any places in Beijing for several years. 1 usually get off work at 6 p.m. Eat first, then wash, and it’s almost bedtime the accommodation area is full of prefabricated houses. 1 was not used to it when 1 first came here. At least seven or eight people should live in a room, with upper and lower berths. 1 used to work on construction sites where men and women lived together. Generally, husband and wife lived in one room with a curtain beside the bed there are so many people living there that they can smell anything. 1t’s better in winter, it’s hot in summer, and there are more people… What should we do? We can only insist most of the time, 1 go to pick up the water at night and wash the next morning. Otherwise, 1 can’t get enough people. But put a night, the water is cold, can only fool the wash. 1f the boiler at the construction site can’t discharge hot water, it will be burned in the dormitory. But the dormitory is not allowed to use heat fast, worried about the fire; The cooking pot is not allowed to use in summer, sometimes the electric fan can’t be used. Because only low-voltage electricity can maintain an electric light. Workers charge their mobile phones and go to a special power distribution room there is no special place for bathing, so you have to take a bucket of water to the toilet. 1t’s too dirty for me to say. Toilets are built temporarily. Many people use one. 1t’s very dirty. You have to come out as soon as you go in when 1 get off work, 1 like to chat with some people about my hometown; The most unpleasant thing is the poor environment and sanitation our residential area is close to the garbage station, and there are many flies in summer. There are bedbugs, bite me from a lot of big red pimples, what medicine does not work. Only dichlorvos is effective, and the construction site is not allowed to use it accommodation is a place that we hope to improve. But it has not been implemented sometimes, when it’s time to get off work, the boss will ask you to work overtime and give you 8 yuan an hour. After the shift, he said, “Oh, forget the money.” What 1 hate most is that 1 don’t mean what 1 say as soon as you enter the construction site, it’s like squatting on a trumpet. You have to wait for work or not, and you can’t get out. 1 haven’t visited any places since 1 came to Beijing for several years, because 1 have no time before 2010, 1 was farming and playing cards at home. Come out to work, there is not so much entertainment. When 1 am helpless, 1 love to write the story of the construction site. My culture is not high, primary school did not graduate, writing

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