A glimpse of safe production and occupational health technology and Equipment Exhibition

on September 1, the exhibition hall of Beijing National Convention Center ushered in the Fifth China 1nternational Exhibition on work safety and occupational health technology and equipment

the meeting of old faces and new friends on the increasingly beautiful exhibition stand reflects the changes and progress of safety production and occupational health technology and equipment market. Over the past nine years, the five exhibitions have been developing with the cause of work safety, stepping into a new stage of development

old face – new story

Shanghai Huapeng explosion proof Technology Co., Ltd., 3M (China) Co., Ltd. and sperian (China) safety protection equipment Co., Ltd. Most of these companies have participated in the exhibition for five consecutive years. 1n the process of continuous progress of safety production in our country, these companies rely on strength and progress to achieve considerable development

in the third exhibition, the booth area of mesian (China) safety equipment Co., Ltd. was only 72 square meters, and it has been expanded to 160 square meters in the fifth exhibition. Kong yuan of the company said that this year they brought many new products, such as concept helmet, A-class portable instrument products, superior half mask respirator, etc. Relying on its superior products and services, the company has organized several emergency rescue drills with large enterprises, which have been praised by all parties

because of the consistent style, the booth of Yihe Co., Ltd. is easy to identify. Yihe Co., Ltd., which started with several sewing machines 20 years ago, has developed more rapidly in recent years and has become a leader in the field of protective clothing and professional wear in China

Anhui Duoli Garment Co., Ltd. has also participated in the exhibition for five consecutive times. During the first and second exhibitions, the company only had a production plant in Hefei. 1n 2005, the company built a new factory of more than 10000 square meters, and now the annual output value of protective clothing alone is tens of millions of yuan. Yang benshun, chairman of the board, said: “enterprises attach importance to labor protection, which provides conditions for our development. We are confident that we can make our protective clothing better. “

compared with well-known large enterprises, although Shanghai Haitang helmet factory is a small factory, it has a small reputation in the industry because it recalled the safety helmet with quality problems for the first time a few years ago. This time, the factory has brought a new type of safety helmet that can last for a long time. This kind of safety helmet is made by adding antistatic agent into the raw material glass fiber and using new technology to press the hat into shape at one time. 1t is only used for polishing and polishing without additional painting. The hat will not lose its antistatic function due to the abrasion of the paint. He Haitang, director of the factory, said that this kind of safety helmet is specially designed for coal mines with gas

new friends – new highlights

this exhibition has also attracted a number of new friends. Such as Shanghai black horse Safety Automation System Co., Ltd., abb (China) Co., Ltd. These enterprises are high-tech enterprises engaged in industrial safety control technology< According to Wang Jian of the 1nstitute of comprehensive technology and economics of mechanical industry instruments, the main work of the 1nstitute's functional safety center is: functional safety assessment and certification engineering services, functional safety assessment and optimization tool software, etc. Most of these enterprises are the first time to participate in this exhibition. Although the products or services of enterprises are not protective equipment for workers, they are closely related to safety production, that is, to improve the intrinsic safety of enterprises through functional safety services. Wang Jian said that the growth rate of China's industrial safety obviously lags behind that of industrial automation, which needs to be attached great importance by the society and enterprises Xu Peng, marketing manager of Shanghai black horse Safety Automation System Co., Ltd., briefly introduced to the reporter the use of black horse’s core technology by large companies at home and abroad. They hope that more enterprises can understand industrial safety control technology and functional safety services the appearance of security function service enterprises in the exhibition is one of the highlights of the exhibition new equipment – new hot spots some underground movable rescue pods placed inside and outside the exhibition hall have aroused the interest of many visitors the rescue capsule produced by Qingdao Huadun life support equipment Technology Co., Ltd. has attracted many visitors, and the commentators keep asking about the situation. The front part of this rescue capsule is the transition capsule, and inside is the life capsule” 1t’s a little big, isn’t it” What is the length and height” The dimensions of the support of the rescue capsule should also be included. You have to consider how to transport the whole rescue capsule to the underground. 1’m afraid it’s difficult for ordinary vertical cages to carry it down because of its large volume? ” The visitors are all from Shandong coal Supervision Bureau. No wonder they are so specific and expert. He Kuan, chairman and chief engineer of Qingdao Huadun company, paid attention to the feedback from the visitors: “welcome to discuss, please give more comments.” MA Xiaoyu, deputy director of Karamay Safety Supervision Bureau in Xinjiang, has been quietly standing by to listen to the introduction. He told reporters that there are many oil and refining enterprises in Karamay, but after visiting the rescue capsule and other emergency rescue equipment, he felt eye opening, “the technical content of emergency rescue equipment has improved. To do a good job in emergency rescue, it is very important to have good equipment. “ after leaving the booth, a visitor returned to the reporter and said, “the rescue capsule must be tested by practice, but the direction of developing this equipment is right.” (reporter Feng Huaihe)

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