A heart breaking fall

There are countless bloody lessons, but this kind of low-level disaster can not be avoided. This is a contempt for the right of workers to survive. One by one, the tragedies we’ve met before are repeated. Don’t we wake up

general situation of the accident:

on January 16, a bricklayer Zhang was busy on the operation platform of a construction site in the east of the city. At about 15:20 p.m., Zhang was pushing a cart to feed materials on the 4th floor of the construction. Due to the setting up of an irregular operation platform, the safety net around him suddenly broke, and Zhang fell to the ground from the 4th floor of the construction site. After the accident, the construction unit immediately called a car to send him to the hospital, and eventually died because of Zhang’s heavy injury

1. Direct cause

during the construction of the fourth floor, the safety net around the operation platform broke suddenly, which was the direct cause of the accident

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