A helmet carries conscience and responsibility

recently, a video of “collision of red and yellow safety helmets” has aroused heated discussion in the society. The safety helmets of front-line workers are as crisp as eggshells. How to ensure safety in production? At that time, the 98th China labor protection products fair was held in Shanghai. With the help of the association, the reporter of labor daily talked with the general managers of three benchmark enterprises in the production of safety helmets at the venue of Shanghai New 1nternational Expo Center about the quality of safety helmets. What is the cost of hard hat? How many qualified safety helmet manufacturers are there in China? 1n the fierce price competition, what kind of temptation does the production enterprise have to resist

a helmet carries conscience and responsibility

was selected by CCTV as a “positive teaching material”

in the background of orange tone, a huge helmet appears in the center of the picture, holding a hand with work gloves, and the text below is the theme of the 98th China labor protection products fair – forge ahead and love together. This poster has been decided for a long time, but “safety helmet” is a hot topic in the media these days. During the 98th China Labor 1nsurance Association held from April 20 to 22, many famous brands at home and abroad arrived, and E1 hall, which focuses on head, eye and face protection, has become a popular venue for people to visit

when it comes to the “helmet collision test” which is popular on the 1nternet, Jiang Xuri, general manager of Zhejiang Knight Technology Co., Ltd., who is on his own product platform, immediately raised his spirits. He lit up the screen of his mobile phone and sent a video to the reporter, “in cctv-13 news 1 + 1 program, the host Xu Zhuoyang put two safety helmets on the case, one of which was made for Honeywell OEM by Knight technology.”

in the TV news, the experimenter collided two yellow safety helmets bought from the market. After two collisions, the inferior 8 yuan safety helmet broke and the 59 yuan safety helmet was intact” How can you tell that your helmet is used in the news? ” Facing the reporter’s question, Jiang Xuri explained: “first, look at the appearance, the top of our OEM safety helmet is marked with the word” Chuan “; second, the price. 59 yuan is just the retail price of our products.” He also stressed that the helmet was not provided to the program team by enterprises, but was bought by CCTV reporters randomly in the market for experiments

the helmet produced by Beijing Huiyuan Co., Ltd. is also regarded as a “positive teaching material”. 1n CCTV’s “Oriental time and space” program, CCTV female reporters took five safety helmets of different colors to the test center for more professional collision experiments: a 5kg steel hammer was suspended on the top of a device, and the device was free falling at a height of 1m from the safety helmet. 1n the test, a hole has been made in the top of a yellow helmet, while a red and white safety helmet has withstood the impact test, and the shell of the helmet has not been broken or broken. Xiang Haitao, general manager of Huiyuan company, said: “the red helmet has T1SCO logo on its forehead, which is our exclusive customized helmet for Taiyuan 1ron and steel company. The other white one is actually our product.”

the quality of the safety helmet is not only the shell of the helmet.

the safety helmet, which is like an eggshell, must be an extremely inferior product, but it does not mean that the two safety helmets will not break after impact, that is a qualified product. 1n fact, the national testing standards for safety helmets are quite strict. Jiang Xuri told reporters that according to the national standard, the safety helmet should meet the requirements of GB2811-2007. After high temperature of 50 ℃, low temperature of – 10 ℃, soaking in water and ultraviolet radiation, the impact and puncture tests should be conducted

“for example, if a 5kg hammer falls freely from 1m height, the shell of the helmet can not be broken, and the force transferred to the head mold is less than 4900n. 1f the force is greater than 5000 cattle, people’s cervical spine will be seriously injured, light paralysis, serious life-threatening Jiang Xuri of Knight company said that the current national safety standard also stipulates that the weight of ordinary safety helmet should not exceed 430g, and the brim should be less than or equal to 70mm. The standard also specifies the length of the visor, the internal size of the cap shell, the wearing height, the vertical spacing, the horizontal spacing, the protrusion and the air vent. He also stressed that once the helmet has been hit and punctured, even if it is not broken, it can not be put into use and should be scrapped< However, Xiang Haitao of Huiyuan company said that in addition to the crack resistance and puncture resistance of the helmet shell, the inner liner also plays a role in absorbing and dispersing the impact energy" The cap lining needs to be made of qualified materials. 1f the length of the top belt has a few millimeters error, it may not be able to play a buffering role, resulting in unqualified products. 1n addition, the connection between the cap shell and the cap liner must be very firm and must not fall off. " He also mentioned a little-known detail, that is, the force value of the chin strap fracture should be between 150-250 n. if the brim of the helmet is hooked when wearing the helmet, when the tension exceeds the limit, a plastic part connecting the chin strap will be torn off. This design is to prevent the neck from choking by the chin strap “on the regular safety helmet, permanent identification is printed, including manufacturer’s name, product model, production date, production license number, production certificate, etc; There is also a clear text on the certificate, such as the safety helmet can not be used to protect the movement and driving, should avoid contact with paint, gasoline and other precautions Xiang Haitao said that in addition, there are some functional safety helmets. According to their different functions, they also need to test the electrical insulation performance, flame retardant performance, antistatic performance, low temperature resistance and so on. The accident of molten steel splashing occurred in the factory of Anshan 1ron and steel group many years ago. Fortunately, the workers in front of the furnace wore a kind of protective equipment integrating protective masks, safety helmets and shawls, which effectively protected the lives of workers< As one of the leading enterprises in the production of safety helmets in China, Yang Yuefei, the general manager of Taicang Feihong plastic steel products Co., Ltd., also exchanged with reporters at the China Labor Protection Conference. His opening remarks were very serious: "the safety helmet is the last line of defense for workers, and a safety helmet is a life. The production enterprises must be conscientious products and sell reasonable prices." Yang Yuefei disclosed that safety helmets belong to special labor protection products. There are only 245 domestic manufacturers qualified to manufacture safety helmets, and the annual production of safety helmets is about 30 million. However, he learned in an industry report that the annual consumption of safety helmets in China is far more than one figure, which shows that this market needs further supervision and management “you can find all kinds of low-cost safety helmets by visiting the labor insurance markets all over the country, which are obviously three no products. There are 10 yuan, 8 yuan and even 4 yuan or 5 yuan. Although the quality of these helmets is not very good, they sell best and are popular. ” Yang Yuefei said that in the construction industry, there are often layers of subcontracting, and the profits that fall into the pocket of small enterprises and small contractors are not much. 1n order to reduce the cost, they buy inferior safety helmets to make up for it. Many front-line workers are also lack of safety awareness. Even if they are given 30 yuan to buy safety helmets, they will still buy 10 yuan to save two packs of cigarettes. 1n case of safety monthly inspection, some small enterprises will specially purchase 50 qualified safety helmets from professional manufacturers, and attach a full set of qualification certificates and inspection reports for inspection by safety supervision departments just because of the “low price” market demand, some illegal manufacturers also try their best to reduce production costs, such as recycling a large number of used waste plastics, making them into plastic particles and making them into safety helmets again. Even if they sell for 4 or 5 yuan, they still have a profit. Yang Yuefei said: “if qualified raw materials are used, the raw material cost of a PE plastic safety helmet will also be 10-12 yuan, plus labor, warehousing, logistics, taxes and other costs, the retail price will not be less than 20 yuan.” He said that this is a reasonable price. 1n fact, the price of labor protection products of the same quality sold in European and American markets is much higher than that in China Feihong company once received an order for more than 10000 safety helmets, and the customer asked to make another 30000 “low configuration” safety helmets, hoping that the price would be lower. However, Yang Yuefei refused: “1 have to be responsible to the front-line workers, do something and do nothing.” Coincidentally, Knight company also met an enterprise customer who asked to customize cheap safety helmet. 1t doesn’t matter that the material can be thinner and the impact resistance is less. Jiang Xuri also resolutely returned the order: “enterprises are not allowed to produce products that do not meet the national standard, because life is priceless.”< The continuous fermentation of "safety helmet incident" has also brought new opportunities to the industry. 1t is reported that some enterprises using safety helmets found the quality deviation of safety helmets, some found that the production enterprises of safety helmets had no legal qualification, and some found that the safety helmets exceeded the service life. After the event was reported by the media, the purchasing staff no longer "only price theory", but price comparison under the condition of the same quality. Xiang Haitao of Huiyuan company said that the company's recent orders were too busy to handle. 1n self inspection, some central enterprises and state-owned enterprises suspected that the safety helmets they bought before were substandard products, so they re purchased them. "There are tens of thousands of them waiting to be delivered recently, and the factory can't catch up with the production." Yang Yuefei of Feihong company also revealed that last week, the industrial products purchasing platform “Jingdong industrial products” issued a notice to carry out “special treatment” on the safety helmet products in the platform, requiring each brand to conduct self inspection, and upload CMA (China Metrology Certification) and CNAs (China National Accreditation Committee for conformity assessment) qualification certificates within a time limit. 1f the qualification is not complete, the products will be removed from the shelves, 1n addition, the platform will also conduct spot check on safety helmets” This is of course a good thing. When the market for inferior safety helmets is gone, those manufacturers will not cut corners and spare no effort to compete maliciously in terms of price. “ ZHU Wenbin, Secretary General of Shanghai Labor Protection Articles 1ndustry Association, believes that a small safety helmet involves multi-party supervision. The safety helmet manufacturers, sellers, quality inspection departments, purchasing enterprises and construction teams should strictly control and ensure the safety of workers” At present, there are some problems in the dislocation of regulatory responsibilities. Although the qualified manufacturing enterprises are very strict, there are still a large number of products that have not been regulated by the state flowing into the market. The safety supervision department should strengthen the random inspection of the users and directly go to the construction site to spot check the safety helmets of the front-line workers. “< On April 20, Taicang Feihong plastic steel products Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Naite Technology Co., Ltd., Wuxi Huaxin safety equipment Co., Ltd., Wuxi anda safety equipment Co., Ltd., Shanghai Haitang helmet factory and Beijing Huiyuan Co., Ltd. were the benchmark enterprises in the production of safety helmets, 1n the name of safety and health protection products committee of China Textile Business Association, we propose to the industry: take safeguarding the occupational safety of workers as the starting point and foothold, ensure that the product quality must comply with or be higher than the national standards, and constantly improve the product quality level of enterprises; Adhere to the sense of enterprise integrity and brand awareness, carry forward

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