a Korean enterprise issued war backpacks containing gas masks and helmets to its employees during the Mid Autumn Festival

under the increasingly tense security situation, an enterprise in Seoul, South Korea has issued a special Mid Autumn Festival gift – “war backpack”, which contains 15 kinds of emergency supplies, including emergency food, safety helmet, gas mask, raincoat, hand warmer, etc

according to Yonhap on September 25, an enterprise in Jiangnan District of Seoul issued “war backpacks” to its employees on September 22 as gifts for the Mid Autumn Festival. Most of the company’s employees said that they were panicked at the beginning, but as the situation has become increasingly tense in recent days, it’s better to take preventive measures

at the same time, the number of people in South Korea who began to prepare emergency supplies is also increasing. All walks of life in South Korea have different views on this, but experts say that although there is no need to worry too much about the occurrence of war, it is necessary to understand the safety knowledge and common sense of needed goods when the war happens

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