A large number of labor protection shoes “out of favor”? Only this “treasure shoes” sales hot!

1n this hot day,

is your city yebuye


is it hot or not

sure (hot) ~

come here ~

show you the shoes 1 just took off.

look at the steaming shoes.

it’s a different taste in my heart ~

all said that this year’s weather is record breaking hot ~

the temperature in Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shanghai and Anhui areas has exceeded 40 degrees in succession

it’s a new record ~

What do you say to do

1 dare not think about it outdoors

assembly line workers in indoor factories

in this hot day, it’s almost impossible to wear shoes that can carry heat, prevent moisture and ensure safety ~

rane ~ not long ago

Xiaobian heard that there is a

brand name: Treasure shoes on feet, The magic safety shoes are far away from smelly feet

and haunt the rivers and lakes


Curious Hua Wangjun

today, 1’d like to talk to you about

what can this magic shoes do? Popular ~

Duang Duang

this is a masterpiece of the world of shoes –

delta summer breathable and deodorant steel safety shoes

this kind of shoes… Emmmm

is it an old man’s shoes

even the black uncle has all kinds of doubts ~

huawangjun started to stir fry chicken, too ~

How about the sales of “good-looking” shoes

so hot

is the buyer’s brain not online< What am 1 talking about after watching the highlights of the product 1 hit my mouth hard no wonder the public will choose this “delta” 1 Multi scene wear the newly upgraded delta safety shoes have powerful oil and water repellent function more importantly, they can be worn in multiple scenes for example: oil and gas / spray painting automobile maintenance / riding, etc delta knows work, and of course he knows you better< Second, anti smashing steel toe cap, to avoid foot injury delta safety shoes toe cap is equipped with anti smashing and anti-collision steel toe cap comfortable and breathable lining, Tauren material to prevent damage to the net surface during use moreover, 1t can also withstand the impact of 200J and the extrusion of 15kn even if the car is pressed, it won’t hurt the foot you say it’s not greasy< (3) Pu anti-skid steel insole compared with other safety shoes, delta sole is brand-new, with anti puncture design of steel insole, excellent wear resistance, oil resistance and other functions, SRC anti-skid design, with more cushioning function, high-quality commercial density polyurethane (PU) injection sole, suitable for oil pollution environment, for example: machine repair, kitchen Clean and so on provide you with higher protection wear more comfortable four, anti-collision and shock absorption heel high quality molding insole anti-collision heel and shock absorption design make you wear for a long time and not easy to fatigue five, breathable canvas mesh upper with large area wrapped mesh surface shoes can be all-round breathable make your feet more dry and light has excellent anti perspiration reduce dampness and heat, 1t’s very suitable to wear in summer so that your feet don’t feel hot in summer in addition, the design without shoelaces is easy to put on and take off it can protect the ankle from grinding feet, and it is lighter and more comfortable looking at this pair of shoes, you will definitely feel that it is very hot actually, it won’t, its workmanship is very good of course there are many colors to choose from no wonder the sales volume of this kind of shoes is going against the sky ?? of course, the sales volume of products is good, it is not unreasonable ha ha ha of course, we have said so much purchasers can definitely guess the intention of huawangjun ~ hum ~ not to say more here delta summer breathable and deodorant steel Baotou safety shoes Product link http:// s: / / buy5j.com/search-website-view/item/10012585 [safety shoes tips] safety shoes are a kind of shoes that can protect feet. There are many kinds of it, such as toe protection, puncture prevention, insulation, acid and alkali resistance, etc. The selection of labor protection shoes should be based on the nature and degree of harm of the working environment. Labor protection shoes should have product certificate and product manual. Before use, the manual should be read according to the conditions of use, and the use method should be correct. Special protective labor protection shoes should be checked and kept clean after use, and stored in a non polluting and dry place key words: safety shoes

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