A letter of advice from an ordinary worker to 3m

3M company leader: Hello! 1 am an ordinary worker. Recently, my company bought many dust masks made by you. After using them, 1 found that the effect is very good. But 1 found that there are some problems in the product manual. Because we are all ordinary workers with low educational level and can’t understand English. 1 would like to make some suggestions, which may be of some use to your company; The dust masks produced by your company should be classified. For example, those sold in mainland China should only be expressed in English and Chinese on the product manual. There is no need to print them in Korean, Japanese, etc., because the mask is used by ordinary workers, who only know Chinese. Can read Chinese manual. That’s enough. When the original manual was used in my company, almost no one went to see it, but after the workshop director read it, he instructed the staff to operate it. Put the rest of the instructions together as waste paper and throw them away. More than 20 copies make a big pile. 1t’s a waste. 1f you change the manual, 1 think only one fourth of the original paper will be enough, and ink printing can also save one fourth, so that the production cost of your company can be saved a little. How many pieces can be produced in a year, and how much can be saved? 10 years, 20 years — saving a little doesn’t hurt

1 only write this letter to you because you produce dust masks. My wife and 1 are engaged in painting and polishing in the same unit. 1n February this year, my wife was diagnosed with suspected occupational benzene poisoning. Now she is undergoing occupational disease identification in Yantai occupational disease hospital, and the attitude of the unit is not clear. 1 don’t pay my salary for three months, and 1 pay the medical expenses in advance. 1 don’t know whether the unit will be able to reimbursement in the future. Since the accident, the unit has been issuing ordinary cotton gauze masks. 1 only bought dust masks after the accident. 1 found this problem. During my wife’s hospitalization, 1 found the value of life, realized the harm of paint is so serious, and also found that your work is very important for painters. 1 wish your company can produce more and better products in this field to protect workers like me

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