A long way to go home by self driving during the Spring Festival

The day of returning home is getting closer and closer. You, wandering, put down the hard work and running for a year and get together with your relatives and friends. Long way back home, in the ranks of the Spring Festival, many returnees put aside the iron does not become steel 12306, resolutely chose to drive home. About to set foot on the road home, excited and excited, ready to go all the way home, have you ever thought about this “the happiest road in the world” how to walk? What should be done before? 1t’s a long way to go. The editor of renmin.com will summarize the top ten problems you should pay attention to when you drive home during the Spring Festival to escort you all the way home

not far ahead, there is a home< First, make a good home plan. The main problems to be considered include travel mode, cost and driving plan method: first of all, participants: if they plan to ride alone, the main problem to be considered is safety; 1f it is to take a family or go with the team, there is a problem of vehicle selection. Renting a car or using your own car has its own advantages and disadvantages: the advantage of renting a car is that you can choose different models according to the number of participants and the road conditions at your destination expenses: mainly include: fuel, road and bridge, accommodation, catering, etc. Before going on the road, self drivers need to understand this and be fully prepared driving plan: it mainly includes the schedule, main cities, driving mileage, places for three meals and lodging, road conditions, etc. The more detailed the driving plan, the better. According to the plan, passengers can make corresponding adjustments in advance, such as doing a good job of work coordination before the holiday, asking for leave from the unit, etc pay attention to the weather changes in advance before traveling: the most worrying thing for long-distance driving is the weather. During the 2008 Spring Festival, the nationwide freezing weather has brought serious impact and loss to the National Spring Festival. For safety reasons, the main car to avoid rain and snow weather in case of special circumstances, when traveling in this weather, the car should keep a steady speed. At the same time, pay attention to the condition of the car in front and keep a proper distance. 1f the car in the rear is too close to the car, you can brake gently. When the brake light is on, remind the car in the rear to pay attention. At the same time, start slowly, do not suddenly accelerate, brake or jerk the steering wheel; When driving, it is necessary to have foresight and try to use point brake instead of one foot brake; 1f you need to brake in an emergency, you should immediately observe the left, right and rear vehicles, and don’t change lanes to avoid greater danger< (2) travel equipment should be provided. text: 1D card, driver’s license, driving license, road maintenance and purchase tax certificate, vehicle use tax certificate, route map, credit card, insurance policy, notebook and pen, etc. At present, GPS navigator is becoming one of the necessary equipment. Before departure, you can also prepare some favorite music to pass the waiting time of high-speed traffic jam daily necessities: timely clothes, hats, gloves, soft soled shoes suitable for driving, rain gear, lighting appliances, thermos and tableware, photographic equipment, washing appliances, etc drugs: band aids, disinfectants, anti-inflammatory drugs, anti carsickness drugs, etc. When preparing drugs, attention should be paid to the use period of all drugs. Do not use expired drugs vehicle spare parts: “four magic weapons” are carried with the vehicle, and are well prepared: trailer rope, battery connecting line, triangle parking warning sign and spare tire. What needs to be emphasized is water. 1n addition to drinking water, it also needs to use more than 10L plastic bottled tap water, which can be used to wash hands, and can also be used to supplement engine coolant in case of emergency, so as to avoid “boiling”. 1f possible, bring a bucket of engine oil and gasoline for emergency use food: Although highway service areas are everywhere now, rich snacks can not only kill the boring journey, but also temporarily achieve the effect of satiety. For parents who take their babies to travel, sometimes a bottle of milk or a bag of small steamed bread can even bring the effect of “sending charcoal in the snow” – it goes without saying that they kill the anxiety and boredom, in exchange for the naive smile of the babies Others: emergency device, multi-function watch, compass, communication device, combined knife, camping equipment, etc. if you have a car rescue card, you’d better take it with you< Third, the vehicle should be well maintained in advance. When driving in winter, we should grasp the principles of "law-abiding, careful, cautious and courteous". 1n addition to driving control, car maintenance is more careful and diligent than usual 1. Do a good job in routine inspection, water, electricity, oil circuit, throttle valve, filter, etc., which is the so-called secondary maintenance in the repair shop

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