A number of shoe leather enterprises in Qingtian County of Zhejiang Province obtained credit rating

in modern society, honesty has become the foundation of an enterprise’s survival and development. The enterprise’s honesty and trustworthiness can form a good reputation over time, be in a favorable position in business contacts, and become a pass to expand exchanges, promote cooperation, and move towards success. Recently, Qingtian County Bureau of industry and Commerce held an enterprise supervision open day and 2010 enterprise credit results notification meeting in Wenxi town. Six shoe leather enterprises were rated AAA in 2010, and 12 enterprises were rated AAA in 2009< 1t is understood that in order to strengthen the construction of enterprise credit, standardize enterprise credit behavior, and actively promote the construction of "credit Qingtian", the county industry and Commerce Bureau selected 6 enterprises with AAA credit supervision grade in 2010 according to the evaluation index of credit supervision of shoe leather industry and the annual inspection of enterprises in 2009, 1n 2009, there were 12 government enterprises with AAA credit rating< After the meeting, the enterprise representatives expressed that honesty is the root of the enterprise's foothold and development. Good credit is an intangible asset of the enterprise, which brings not only benefits, but also the image of the enterprise. 1n the future, we will firmly take the road of strengthening enterprises with credit

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