A pair of labor protection gloves

Hello everyone, I am a pair of labor protection gloves;
My master and I are the closest friends;
He takes me with me every day, moving valves and tools;
For a long time, mine The body has worn out;
but my master did not abandon me, he still insisted on “wearing” me to work;
I also continued to play my mission, guarding his hands firmly.

He was in a hurry to catch the shuttle bus when he got off work that day;
Simply put me in the pocket of work clothes;
Then I fell asleep deeply on the commuter car;
I was quiet Lying down, a pair of gentle hands took me out of my pocket;
I was scrubbed and washed clean, and after drying, it was sewn with needles and threads as intact;

Once again, he put on work clothes and prepared Go to work;
Mother stopped him, handed me to his hand, exhorted and instructed in every possible way;
“Son, remember to wear gloves when working, and pay attention to safety”
Seeing mother When I was handed it in his hand, his eyes were wet.
Silently held me in his hand, very tight and tight…
stepped out of his mother’s sight, and walked into her. Worry
Mother’s concern is a pair of stitched gloves;
The knot is tied in my heart;
The thread is held in her hand;
I know there is something behind me Love, more responsibility;
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