A pair of rubber gloves to prevent crayfish pollution

1n 2014, Hubei Province’s “Jingchu tour of agricultural product quality and safety” came to Qianjiang City yesterday to visit the safety production of crayfish and the quality traceability of agricultural products such as watermelon and vegetables. 1n the next three days, we will visit Jingmen and Xiangyang

workers in crayfish processing enterprises rub their hands in the water for a long time, causing infection, so they use anti-inflammatory drugs to smear their hands. Unexpectedly, crayfish pollution exceeds the standard, and they are closed for 8 months abroad, with no export. This is the embarrassment of crayfish in Qianjiang 10 years ago. Now, a crayfish processing enterprise in Qianjiang is equipped with three pairs of rubber gloves for each worker every day. They must wear them every day when they go to work. 1f they are not enough, they can get them. This completely eliminates the excessive pollutants

in addition, in yesterday’s interview, the reporter also found the watermelon with a two-dimensional code. The reporter scanned the two-dimensional code with his mobile phone, and immediately popped up the interface of “agricultural product quality traceability project of the State Ministry of agriculture’s reclamation farm”, which field the watermelon was planted on, which day it was picked, who planted it, and what fertilizer it used, There is also a report phone number from the Ministry of agriculture

the reporter then learned that at present, there are 23 construction units and 17 founding units of agricultural product quality traceability in our province. Since 2009, the traceability scale of planting products has reached 260000 Mu and the traceability output has reached 200000 tons; The traceability scale of livestock and poultry products is 10.42 million, and the traceability output is 9000 tons. The scope of traceability has covered grain, pig, oil and other major agricultural products

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