A pair of shoes must pass at least 16 “Hurdles”

to build an important national modern industrial base, we need strong detection technology as an important support. At the beginning of this month, the four national quality inspection centers of furniture, footwear, feed and photovoltaic in our city passed the on-site acceptance of capacity building, marking that the inspection means and technical capabilities of relevant industries in our city have reached the advanced level in China. The reporter recently walked into our city furniture, footwear, photovoltaic quality inspection center< 1n Chongzhou 1ndustrial Park, there is a very ordinary building, and the words "national quality inspection center" in the front hall are particularly prominent. On the left side of the building is the national quality inspection center for footwear in our city. The footwear performance laboratory, constant temperature and humidity laboratory, chemical analysis center, etc. are scattered on each floor, and the sound of the machine can be heard all the time. From time to time, we can see testers in white work clothes operating the machine to record data. Under the leadership of Dr. Wang Rui, the reporter had a close contact with the whole process of testing a pair of shoes “this is a folding test machine for finished shoes, which needs to be folded 40000 times to test the folding resistance of finished shoes; This is a heel continuous impact testing machine, through continuous hammering to test the heel adhesion; This leather dynamic waterproof testing machine is specially used to test the waterproof performance of outdoor sports shoes… “A pair of shoes need to pass at least 16” Hurdles “to pass the test< According to Huang Bin, vice president of Chongzhou branch of Municipal Quality 1nspection 1nstitute, different kinds of shoes, such as sports shoes, leather shoes and special protective shoes, have different testing indexes. The four key indexes are folding and wear resistance, peeling strength, steel hook and heel bonding strength. After passing the performance test, it should be placed in a box to simulate the container transportation environment, and the final clearance can only be achieved after passing the transportation test" 1f it's leather shoes, it's necessary to accurately calculate the amount of formaldehyde and other harmful substances released from leather. Generally speaking, it takes three working days to complete the whole testing process. " Huang Bin said the quality inspection center has become a new business card for Chongzhou to attract investment furniture is one of the four pillar industries in Chongzhou, and there is a great demand for third-party testing. With less and less natural wood resources, furniture manufacturers have to widely use new materials, new processes and new technologies. While improving the quality of furniture, some harmful substances that have an impact on human health are also brought in. How to detect the harmful substances in furniture objectively, accurately, timely and non destructively becomes the key to control the quality of furniture and protect people’s life and health. The person in charge of the national quality inspection center of furniture told reporters that the 12 cubic meter test box developed by the center has been able to carry out nondestructive testing on large furniture, while the 36 cubic meter testing system is under development the reporter learned that since the national quality inspection center for furniture and shoes was officially put into operation in January 2010, it has successively inspected more than 4000 batches for furniture enterprises and more than 3000 batches for shoes enterprises, ensuring the product quality of these enterprises. Among them, the furniture quality inspection center has also passed the certification of Chengdu SME Service Platform, which has laid a solid foundation for further serving enterprises. The construction and operation of the two national quality inspection centers in Chongzhou has become an important business card of Chongzhou’s investment promotion work, which has greatly attracted the investment interest of well-known enterprises at home and abroad. At present, the cluster of furniture and shoemaking industries in Chongzhou industrial zone has reached 68.22%, of which furniture and supporting industries account for more than 65% the largest national photovoltaic quality inspection center in China has a large scale the reporter then came to the national photovoltaic quality inspection center in Shuangliu. Chengdu and Wuxi are the only two national photovoltaic quality inspection centers in China. All kinds of testing equipment occupy two buildings. The light attenuation is measured by light aging testing machine, the resistance is measured by hail impact testing system, and the light energy conversion rate is measured by a whole small dark room simulating the sun” Most of the photovoltaic products are used outdoors and need to be tested. At the same time, a new testing plant is under construction. ” Wang Nan, director of the center, said “in the past, there was no such center, only Wuxi or even foreign testing, with high cost and long cycle. 1n order to seize the market opportunity, we must seize all the time before mass production, even in the research and development and design stages, because if we fail to pass the test, we must change the design. ” A person in charge of a photovoltaic enterprise told reporters. Tan Zongze, deputy director of the Municipal Bureau of quality supervision, said that in order to improve the efficiency of enterprise testing, the quality inspection department and Shuangliu government have jointly built a technology testing platform, the most direct purpose of which is to provide services for enterprises in the park, so that enterprises can put more funds into R & D and production expansion. He said frankly, “in the past, enterprises with quality inspection reports issued by our city were not necessarily recognized outside the province. Now it’s different. Chengdu’s inspection reports can be recognized all over the country, and it’s more convenient for enterprises to “go out.”< 1t is reported that the national photovoltaic product quality supervision and inspection center in Shuangliu County, with a total investment of over 100 million yuan and a total laboratory area of 9400 square meters, has represented the highest level in China in terms of anti environmental change, photovoltaic performance, anti shock and anti pressure safety, and is now the largest photovoltaic product testing institution with the longest testing chain in China" Our city has seven national quality inspection centers, which will build a high-level public testing service platform and technological innovation service platform, and provide strong support in improving industrial supporting services and optimizing investment and entrepreneurship environment. " Mr Tan said Author: Chen Guo

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