A pair of small shoes to avoid disaster

Around us, we often hear about some accidents, large and small, such as rear end collision of trucks. How did these accidents result

there is an old saying: “disasters often accumulate in the slightest”. Details determine success or failure. A small negligence may lead to serious consequences. 1t is the so-called: the dike of thousands of miles is destroyed by the ant nest. As the production personnel in the first line, the personal safety of employees should be the top priority, but some painful accidents often occur in the production process. The reason is that we don’t pay attention to details and don’t take some small links seriously. We call it “habitual violation of rules”. For example: do not wear safety helmet, do not test electricity, do not wear anti smashing safety shoes, do not wear insulating gloves, and even do not check whether the safety appliances are qualified before operation, and so on. Some small violations are insignificant on the surface, but in essence they contain huge crisis

therefore, in the process of safety production, we should start with a safety helmet, a pair of anti smashing safety shoes, a wrench, a brush, a pair of pliers, a ladder, a pair of gloves, a set of dry work clothes and other labor protection articles and labor tools. 1n the process of work, we should think more, ask more, check more, remind more, and listen to abuse, Do not want to hear crying, all in accordance with the rules and regulations, all in accordance with the procedures to complete each of our work, improve self safety awareness, will avoid the occurrence of casualties, safety production will be long-term stability

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