A safety helmet product in Anhui is on the “black list” of quality

Recently, the General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and Quarantine of the people’s Republic of China (AQS1Q) reported the results of quality spot check of safety helmet products in the first quarter. A safety helmet produced in Anhui Province was listed in the “black list of quality” due to quality problems

a total of 80 batches of safety helmet products were selected in 10 provinces and municipalities directly under the central government, including Beijing and Anhui, and 12 indexes such as impact absorption performance (high temperature, low temperature, immersion) and puncture resistance were tested. Six products failed to pass the standard. Among them, Huaibei Xingguang Lighting Technology Co., Ltd. produced on Decembe4, 2013, with the specification and model of “special plastic (anti-static, flame retardant) mine safety helmet”, the high-temperature impact absorption performance, water immersion impact absorption performance and low-temperature puncture resistance performance are unqualified

safety helmet products are listed as special labor protection articles by the state, and the industrial product production license system and safety mark certification system are implemented. The impact absorption performance refers to the performance of safety helmet to absorb part of the impact of falling objects, so as to reduce the impact of falling objects on human cervical spine. The performance is the main safety performance item of safety helmet, which is directly related to the personal safety of the wearer. 1f the material of safety helmet shell or lining belt has problems or fails to reach the required strength, the project may be unqualified

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