A shop in Nanning selling fake labor protection products is checked

A fire engineering company bought 70 fire water guns from a shop on Yinhai Avenue in Nanning City, and found that they were fake and shoddy products. On March 11, the fire, industry and Commerce and quality supervision departments jointly executed the law and seized more than 60 fake fire water guns from two stores

Mr. Liu is the person in charge of a fire engineering company in Nanning. His company previously contracted the installation of fire facilities at a construction site. Shortly after the installation, Mr. Liu found that more than 70 fire water guns in the fire hydrant box had been stolen. On Marc3, in order to catch up with the acceptance of the project, he bought 70 fire water guns in a wholesale shop of labor protection articles on Yinhai Avenue, and spent 1760 yuan. Unexpectedly, during the acceptance, the fire department found that these water guns were “three no” products and ordered them to rectify. Mr. Liu reported the shops selling fake goods

after thorough investigation, the fire department found that the wholesale shop of labor protection products and a shop in Xiuling road ASEAN 1nternational Hardware and Electrical City were selling fake fire water guns. On March 11, the fire department, together with the industry and Commerce Department and the quality supervision department, launched an anti-counterfeiting operation and seized 66 fake fire water guns in two stores

a law enforcement official said that according to relevant regulations, all the signs of fire products should be clearly visible, and the high-quality fire water gun signs should be directly cast in the prominent part of the gun body. On that day, the fire water gun they seized was not marked, but also had the quality problem of not tightly combining with the adapter. At present, these fake products have been temporarily detained. After the inspection results come out, the relevant responsible person will be punished

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