a special combat brigade of the army in the northern theater of the people’s liberation army tried on a new type of cold suit

“The new cold proof clothes are so light to wear!” 1n early March, after lurking in the vast snow field at – 20 ℃ for more than an hour, 20 special combat team members of a special combat brigade of the army in the northern theater, facing the chest ring target suddenly emerging from 230 meters away, all made full ring results. Stepping down from the training ground, battalion commander Cui Yingbin said: “the new cold proof clothes have contributed a lot to such a good result.”

“in winter sniper training, overcoming the cold is a necessary prerequisite for accurate shooting.” Commander Cui pointed to his new cold proof clothes and said that they are fully functional, comfortable and light to wear, and have a good effect of keeping warm. Even in the cold weather of – 30 ℃, it’s not too cold to lie still in the snow

the winter training cycle of troops in cold regions is long, the courses are many, and the intensity is high, so they have higher requirements for cold clothing. The leader of the brigade said that with the continuous expansion of the army’s functions and tasks, the previously issued cold proof clothing has exposed some problems, such as unstable thermal performance, difficult adjustment of thermal insulation, insufficient static thermal insulation and bulky

“with the try-on of new cold proof clothes, these problems can be solved easily.” The leader of the brigade told reporters that the new cold proof clothing was designed and developed by the army of the Northern War Zone by fully learning from some advanced concepts and technologies of cold proof clothing at home and abroad and by integrating military and civilian design. There are six layers of cold protection units from inside to outside. There are more than 20 kinds of new cold protection units, from one-way sweat wicking underwear to cold protection as training coat, from light combat boots to integrated cold protection headgear, which can meet the needs of different tasks such as combat training and on duty

on the training ground of the brigade, the reporter saw that in the ice and snow, the officers and soldiers were wearing new winter suits, facing the piercing cold wind, one by one energetic. Company commander Zhang Qiang said that although the new windproof, waterproof, quick drying and other functions were added, the overall weight of the new cold proof clothing was reduced by more tha2.5 kg. Moreover, the joint parts are more in line with the characteristics of human activities, and fully meet the needs of military training. After hearing the charge order, the latent special combat team members got up from the snow, pulled their hands on the trouser legs, immediately took off their heavy cold proof cotton trousers, and put into the battle lightly. 1t turns out that the cold proof cotton trousers adopt modular structure design, and use the patented technology of second off zipper, which can be taken off in one second and put on in a few seconds

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