a story about safety helmet, with regret and warmth

This is a story about safety helmet

there is regret and warmth

worker Wang Qiang was taught a lesson in front of his workers by safety officer sun because he didn’t wear safety helmet in the workshop

Wang Qiang is very upset about this. He thinks that it’s just a small matter that he didn’t wear a helmet. On the contrary, it’s Lao sun who shouldn’t let him lose face

the old worker in the factory comforted Wang Qiang. The reason why Lao sun attached so much importance to the safety helmet was that he regretted his whole life…

15 years ago, Lao sun’s master was hit on the head by a wrench that fell from a height in the workshop because he didn’t wear the safety helmet and died on the spot

the man who didn’t wear a helmet that day was originally sun

Lao sun’s master found Lao sun who didn’t wear a safety helmet in the workshop. 1n addition to some criticism, he also gave him his own safety helmet

the sudden occurrence of an accident is really unexpected…

it seems like a small thing not to wear a safety helmet, but it is such a small thing that it took Master Sun’s life

the death of the master made sun unable to recover. Since then, the safety helmet began to have profound significance in his career

after becoming a safety officer, Lao sun began to be strict with his workers. Over the years, such strictness has met with too many puzzles and complaints

however, a kind reminder is far more gentle than a bloody lesson. No one can afford the cost of life…

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