a thousand pairs of gloves will be sent to Anshun, Guizhou Province as the first station, and then to Linyi, etc

the activity of “thousands of gloves warm hands” organized by “Peninsula commonweal” studio and Municipal Women’s Federation has gradually reached a climax. At 2 p.m. on October 27, the “weaving girls” in Chengwu Road community of Shinan District brought 627 pairs of gloves. 1n addition to more than 200 pairs of finished gloves donated by caring citizens, nearly 400 pairs were woven by themselves. “Plus other people’s weaving and donation, the total number is more than 1200.”” “Weaving Girl” Liu Aimin said with satisfaction. According to reports, next, the first station of “Peninsula public welfare” studio will be located in Guanling, Anshun, Guizhou, and later will be sent to Linyi, Yushu and other places

working overtime, one person weaves 58 pairs of gloves

“these gloves are very beautiful, the color match is good, very foreign style…” at two o’clock in the afternoon on October 27, the desk and chair on the first floor hall of peninsula city newspaper are full of colored gloves, “the chairs are donated by enthusiasts, and the table is woven by us.” Liu Aimin, a community resident in Chengwu Road, told reporters that they had brought 637 pairs of gloves, including nearly 400 pairs of hand-woven gloves. According to reports, the nearly 400 pairs of handmade gloves are mainly woven by weavers from Chengwu Road community and Kangcheng community in Laoshan

among the love “weaving girls” who came that day, Zhu Xinhua, a resident of Chengwu Road community, knitted the most gloves, with 58 pairs, “you can weave them when you have a little time.” 1n order to weave more, she used almost all her spare time, “when cooking, before the rice is cooked, take it out and weave for a while.”< According to the director of Chengwu Road community section, many touching stories happened during the "thousand pairs of gloves warm hands" activity of peninsula public welfare, "a man in his 40s in our community sent a pair of gloves woven by himself." As she said, she took out a blue glove, which was very delicate, with flowers on the back of her hand. "1t's very beautiful. You can feel that it's Woven very carefully, which makes people feel very warm." Liu Aimin told reporters that considering that children's wrists may be exposed when they write, they specially weave the wrists of gloves very long, "it's two and a half to three inches, and we will also explain it to every Weaver who comes to get the wool." on the morning of that day, Miao Xiaoxiao, a charity donor from Qingdao Lianjia real estate, came to the scene with the love weavers. According to reports, their donation point has provided more than 20 jin of wool for Chengwu Road community and Kangcheng community. “Before, there was an old woman in her 80s, with gray hair and a strong waist bend, but she still hobbled and pulled the cart to buy vegetables to deliver the wool.” Miao Xiaoxiao said that he was deeply touched by the warm scenes the old man sent 100 pairs of new gloves after reading “love weaver, we need you” reported in the a16 edition of Japan daily on Octobe5, Wang Juxiu, 69, who lives in Hong Kong Middle Road, came to peninsula city daily on October 11 and sent 100 pairs of new gloves. She also wrote a letter specially for the children. 1n the letter, she earnestly wrote, “many aunts and grandmothers are knitting gloves for you. 1 can’t knit them. 1 can only buy 100 pairs of gloves and send them to you. 1 hope you like them…” “Peninsula commonweal” studio and the Municipal Women’s Federation launched the activity of “thousands of pairs of gloves warm hands” on September 20. So far, more than 1200 pairs of gloves have been assembled, Next, the studio will take 600 pairs of gloves to Guanling, Anshun, Guizhou for the first time, to send warmth to the children there, and then to Linyi, Yushu and other places. 1n addition, Jiamu Art Museum, Xiaoli love fund, Q room network and other love organizations have also launched “warm hands” donation activities. At the same time, volunteers will be arranged to cooperate with “Peninsula public welfare” to send warm winter materials to children in mountainous areas

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