a tractor knocked down the wall of a middle school in Shaoguan, Guangdong Province, killing one student and injuring six others

On November 9, the website of the people’s Government of Shixing County reported that a large and medium-sized tractor knocked down the wall of Shixing middle school, causing one student dead and six injured

at about 14:20 on November 9, a large and medium-sized tractor with the license plate number of Xiang 10 c5512 knocked down the western wall of the sports ground of Shixing middle school, resulting in the injury of some students in classes 13 and 14 of grade two who were watching the school sports meeting behind the wall

the accident resulted in one death and six injuries. Among them, Li (female, sophomore of senior high school) died after being rescued by 120 doctors; The remaining six people were rushed to the hospital for treatment, and they are not in danger at present. The driver and the boss have been controlled by the public security organs

after the accident, the county leaders and relevant departments rushed to the scene to guide the accident disposal work, and went to the hospital to visit the injured students and appease the parents. Then, an emergency meeting was held to deal with the accident, and a leading group was set up to coordinate the follow-up work

at present, personnel treatment and accident cause investigation and other related work are in intensive progress

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