A woman who can’t be crushed

Every morning, when a commuter car is driving into Changling Petrochemical Plant in the morning, if you glance out of the window, you will find several trucks full of equipment arranged on the right side of the road, which are urgently needed for the maintenance of Changling Petrochemical plant, To purchase and manage them is a slim woman Xiao Zhao

the purchasing work does not divide the time between work and work. Due to its large size, most of the material delivery trucks are transported in the evening. They often call at more than five o’clock in the morning to ask how to drive to Changlian after getting off the highway. Xiao Zhao often changes his work clothes very early, and comes to this huge object with his safety helmet in hand. He looks for the truck driver to check the delivery note, and then contacts the on-site construction unit to take the trucks and equipment to the overhaul construction site for unloading and acceptance

the overhaul has been carried out for more than a month, and the overhaul of all units and all fronts is in full swing, including the Changlian supply department. Since the end of the new year, with the arrival of the peak of equipment and materials, Xiao Zhao, like many of his colleagues, has never had a weekend off. All day long bidding, business negotiation, e-commerce, ERP, contract system, arrival acceptance, warehousing and a series of continuous work, even going on errands, is nonstop. Xiao Zhao’s son is a sophomore in senior high school. 1t’s the most critical moment, but she can’t take care of it. Everything at home is left to her husband, who is a traffic policeman. His son often complains that he can’t see his mother all day, let alone go home to have a hot meal with his son

after long-term overload work, Xiao Zhao’s body also appeared discomfort. At the beginning of April, she had an operation secretly in the factory hospital, and no one told her. Li section chief or later in the scheduling meeting, Xiao Zhao inadvertently let slip the lip to know this matter, asked about Xiao Zhao, Xiao Zhao ha ha a smile, replied: “small problems do not get in the way!” 1n the morning, she finished the injection in the hospital, and in the evening, she continued to work overtime. Because of the tens of thousands of orders and project terms, it was only clear that she had handled them. The completion of procurement progress during maintenance was a hard target

this is Zhao Guoqing, a woman from Changlian supply department, a buyer of static equipment and oil refining accessories in the purchasing department. She shoulders the heavy task of purchasing maintenance equipment with her weak body, but she can’t be crushed

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