A woman without a seat belt was thrown off a cliff in a car accident

On the evening of August 10, Mr. Cheng drove a semi-trailer to deliver goods, while his wife, Ms. Zhang, sat in the back with him. When driving to the accident section, the car suddenly hit the guardrail and rolled over. The violent collision made Mr. Cheng unconscious for a time

after waking up, Mr. Cheng found that he was tightly tied to the seat by the seat belt, and the front of the car had rushed out of the high-speed road and hung in mid air. And his wife is no longer in the car. Anxious Mr. Cheng rushed to the police for help

the high-speed traffic police judge whether it is because Ms. Zhang didn’t fasten her seat belt, so she flew out of the window and fell under the viaduct. Mr. Cheng was in a hurry to find his wife. Fortunately, after the hospital diagnosis, Ms. Zhang head has a slight concussion, left leg and left shoulder fracture, no life-threatening

according to the analysis of the high-speed traffic police, Ms. Zhang was lucky to survive because she fell to the side slope full of vegetation and then rolled to the bottom of the bridge

the safety belt is to protect your life at the critical moment. For your own safety, please fasten your safety belt

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