A worker in Hefei falls into a safety helmet to save his life

“As soon as 1 turned around, the man disappeared, and then 1 heard him shouting for help in the mine.” At about 8 a.m. yesterday, at the intersection of Xiyou road and Xuanyuan Road, master Xu, 56, accidentally fell into an 11 meter construction well. After the fire department arrived, he was rescued to the ground. Master Xu was hospitalized because he broke his rib

according to master Li, a worker of master Xu, six of their workers came to the green belt at the southwest corner of T-junction at 7 o’clock yesterday morning under the leadership of the contractor” Because it was the first day of construction, we began to clean up the building materials when we arrived. ” 1n this construction, a steel bar model is built in an 11 meter deep well and then poured into concrete. Each steel bar is nearly 12 meters long

“we can’t see Lao Xu when we turn around.” Master Li said, “then 1 heard him calling for help in the mine.”

a worker quickly paved the rope ladder and went down to Lao Xu. He found that Lao Xu’s safety helmet had broken and he was paralyzed at the bottom of the well. After the firefighters arrived, they put down the multi-functional stretcher along the safety rope. A firefighter tied master Xu to the stretcher, and then the rescuers on the ground pulled him out of the deep well

when the reporter arrived at the site yesterday morning, he found that the construction of the site had not stopped, and the workers were still tying steel bars. A worker told reporters that master Xu had been sent to the Second Affiliated Hospital of Anyi University for treatment” 1’m fine, thanks to my helmet, otherwise 1’ll be miserable. “

yesterday morning, in the emergency department of the Second Affiliated Hospital of Anyi University, the reporter met master Xu” Right lower rib fracture, visceral contusion, fortunately, no life-threatening Said the doctor

“1 was standing on the soil near the wellhead, and when 1 slipped, 1 fell into the well.” Master Xu said that he did not expect such a thing to happen, “now is the broken rib pain.” Later, master Xu was transferred to cardiothoracic surgery for observation and treatment

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