A worker in Qinghe accidentally fell into a 30 meter deep well

At about 8:30 on Ma5, at a construction site in wangguanzhuang Town, Qinghe County, a worker accidentally fell into a 30 meter deep machine shaft. His condition was critical and his life might be in danger at any time

after receiving the alarm, Qinghe County Fire squadron rushed to the scene quickly. At a construction site near qianyucun substation in wangguanzhuang town of the county, a worker accidentally fell into the well while working near the well. The fire officers and soldiers found that the diameter of the well head is about 60 cm, the depth of the well is 30 meters, and the water surface is about 10 meters away from the well head. The workers who fell into the well are already below the water surface

according to the site conditions, as the wellhead can accommodate adults, the fire officers and soldiers immediately fixed the rescue tripod, let a firefighter wear an air respirator, carry safety harness, safety rope, high-pressure rod and other equipment to slide down the well, and fished and fixed the body of the workers who fell into the well, while other firefighters assisted in the rescue

one hour later, the firefighters successfully rescued the workers and sent them to the hospital for treatment

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