About the service life of safety shoes

What is safety shoes, it is the general name of safety shoes and protective shoes, also known as labor protection shoes. 1t generally refers to shoes that can protect feet and legs from foreseeable injury and are worn in different working situations. Safety protective shoes are high-tech and high value-added footwear products. The production process of safety protective shoes has high requirements for raw materials, accessories, chemicals, mechanical equipment, etc. at present, many domestic shoe-making enterprises with a certain scale and grade have turned their attention to safety protective shoes, which used to be a market area occupied by developed countries

there are basically no hard and fast rules for the replacement of safety shoes. The main considerations are safety performance, comfort and quality. According to different uses, the factory chooses the cheap 40-80 / pair of safety shoes according to the actual situation when purchasing them, but the material is almost leather, and the appearance is beautiful after waxing. However, the labor protection shoes are basically not the same after less than two months, Therefore, it is recommended not to buy too cheap labor protection shoes. The price range of 100-200 is the mainstream of the market. Generally, there are national inspection certificates, and some insurance companies underwrite them. They are safe and reliable. Don’t pay for the safety of employees for the sake of being cheap. As far as national standards are concerned, the State enforces the “Three Guarantees” policy for qualified products that meet the national standards of labor protection shoes, including replacement, return and repair within three months after the sale of broken soles and sections

in actual operation, the service life of safety shoes mainly depends on the working environment of safety shoes, the user’s use status, good environment, low use intensity, and it can be worn for one to three years. The environment is bad, such as chemical plant and electroplating workshop, because of its strong corrosion, three months is not much

the selection and maintenance of protective safety shoes should be carried out according to the hazard nature and degree of the working environment. Protective safety shoes shall have product certificate and product manual. Before use, the manual should be read according to the conditions of use, and the use method should be correct. Special protective safety shoes should be checked and kept clean after use, and stored in a clean and dry place

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