About Us

Professional PPE Supplier

About Instock Limited

Instock Limited as a global trading company, we are known for stable quality, competitive prices, and fast shipment. Based China, Instock Limited. is a supply chain company, Instocking LLC is responsible for North American business.

About PPEIN Store

PPEIN is a comprehensive PPE (personal protective equipment) store that sells masks, safety glasses/goggles, helmets, safety gloves, safety shoes, hearing protectors, respirators and seat belts, and protective clothing.

PPEIN’s products include protective head, face, eyes, respiratory tract, ears, hands, feet, and body parts.

Mainly used for dustproof, anti-virus, anti-noise, anti-high temperature heat radiation, anti-microwave and laser, anti-radiation, anti-impact, anti-mechanical injury, anti-oil, anti-alkali, anti-falling, anti-cold, anti-electric shock, waterproof and water rescue, etc.