Academicians donate million yuan to support Youth 1nnovation

Shen Jiaxiang, a 93 year old academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering and professor of Tianjin University, lives a simple life, but his mind is still in the bottle of medicinal chemistry

today, he and his wife Chen Yanna donated 1 million yuan of savings to Tianjin University, hoping to use the money to support young people to engage in innovative work

Shen Jiaxiang was absent from the meeting of academicians and academicians last week, but he noted that President Xi Jinping once again stressed that the state should implement the strategy of innovation driven development. Shen Jiaxiang told China Youth Daily that he donated the money to respond to the call” President Xi Jinping has encouraged us all to innovate, innovate and innovate in a comprehensive way. 1 think 1 am very happy if we can do something. ” According to Shen Chibing, the grandson of Shen Jiaxiang, 1 million yuan accounts for about half of Mr. Shen’s deposit. He set aside a quarter for his wife to see a doctor, and the other quarter for emergencies and some of his experimental ideas. Besides, he didn’t plan for himself

in 1949, the doctor of University of London returned to China with the ideal of “saving the country through science” and made remarkable achievements in promoting the localization of antibiotics and vitamins. He told reporters: “we didn’t do much research on new drugs in the past, which is far from our foreign counterparts. They are engaged in innovation, but we used to imitate more. President Xi Jinping’s speech was “let us summon up our strength and do innovative work like foreign countries.” Br / >
today, he is very happy that a large number of overseas talents have come to work in China. Last year, Professor Jay Siegel, the “foreign Dean” of Tianda pharmaceutical college, which he co founded, welcomed. Today, Shen Jiaxiang, wearing a red Tang suit, told Li Jiajun, President of Tianjin University, in front of Professor Siegel, that his greatest wish is what is happening – even outstanding foreign scientists have come to work in China

after accepting the donation, President Li Jiajun said that he would live up to Mr. Shen’s hope, run Tianda well and make the College of pharmacy an internationally competitive institution. Tianda will set up “Shen Jiaxiang Education Fund” to award outstanding teachers and students in the field of pharmacy

Professor Siegel visits Mr. Shen once a month on average to exchange work with him. 1n the eyes of this “Foreign President”, Mr. Shen’s donation is rare abroad, which reflects China’s four virtues: patriotism, innovation, loyalty and tolerance

Bao Zongye, Shen Jiaxiang’s nephew, said that Mr. Shen’s lifelong pursuit is to develop the nation’s modern pharmaceutical industry. This donation reflects this pursuit. Mr. Shen feels that he is old and has done less and less research work. Donation is a way for him to repay the society and the society

despite his recent years, Shen Jiaxiang is still concerned about current affairs and active in thinking. Shen Chibing told reporters that his grandfather may come up with new ideas at any time, and the students will also help him search some literature needed for research. Last year, my grandfather once ate Japanese natto and suddenly thought about vitamin K in natto, which can help relieve osteoporosis. Grandfather “mobilized” a student and two nannies at home to study how to ferment natto and analyze vitamin K in natto, so he collected a lot of literature. Shen Chibing laments that starting from the trivia of life, grandfather would think of innovation. Now, my grandfather has realized his long cherished wish of donating money and pinned his ardent hope for innovation on the young people

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