accelerate the industrialization of scientific and technological achievements PM2.5 respirator national standard “made in Xiamen”

As a national scientific research institution affiliated to the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the 1nstitute of urban environment of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (hereinafter referred to as the “City 1nstitute”) has been “nesting” in Xiamen Xinglin Bay for nearly 11 years. Over the past decade, the 1nstitute has attracted 760 researchers from all over the country and even the world to gather here to “incubate golden eggs” and devote themselves to the research of improving the environmental quality of cities in China, including Xiamen. What do they do in Xiamen? What has been done? What results have been achieved? Starting today, our newspaper, together with the City 1nstitute, has launched a series of reports to reveal the only national research institution specializing in comprehensive research on urban environment in the world

it is reported that the seemingly thin and extremely common core filter material for masks contains unlimited scientific and technological power – PM2.5 protective masks with high efficiency and low resistance are prepared by using nanofiber membrane, and the filtration efficiency is as high as 99%. At present, it has been fully marketed. This is the industrialization achievement of “high voltage electrospinning nanofiber” technology of Urban Environment Research 1nstitute of Chinese Academy of Sciences. As the first drafting unit, urban environment research institute also took the lead in compiling the first national standard PM2.5 protective mask that can effectively protect against haze hazards. 1n the past few years, one of the key tasks of cites is to actively promote the cooperation between institutes and local governments and the industrialization of scientific and technological achievements, promote regional scientific and technological cooperation, expand public scientific and technological service capacity, and provide scientific and technological support for national and regional social development

cultivate high and new technology and accelerate the industrialization of scientific and technological achievements

since the establishment of the 1nstitute, the City 1nstitute has continuously strengthened the construction of public service platform for technological innovation of enterprises to enhance their technological innovation ability. Chen Weimin, director of the scientific research and Cooperation Department of Citri, introduced that citri has adopted the innovative mode of “demand-oriented R & D” to introduce the needs of enterprises into the laboratory and jointly build an industrial R & D center with enterprises< 1n br/>
2015, the city and the Xiamen Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. jointly built “zero discharge Research Center for waste water in power plants”. The center developed the technology of “zero emission of waste heat from waste water desulfurization of desulfurized waste water”. With its creativity and advanced nature, China has passed the appraisal meeting of environmental science and technology achievements organized by the Chinese Academy of scientific environment successfully. Br / >
“the institute enterprise joint R & D center has become a technological innovation accelerator, from original innovation to standing at the commanding height of the market, driving the construction of enterprise R & D team.” Chen Weimin told reporters that the 1nstitute has also set up more than ten environmental protection companies in the form of technology shares

carry out all-round cooperation to support local social and economic development

based in Xiamen, the city institute actively carries out the cooperation between the 1nstitute and the local government to provide scientific and technological support for the social and economic development of our city. Last year, the 1nstitute was commissioned by the municipal development and Reform Commission to prepare the “study on Xiamen’s 13th five year plan carbon emission reduction target and realization path” and the “13th five year plan” energy plan of Xiamen. Entrusted by the Municipal Planning Commission, the 1nstitute and Xiamen urban planning and Design 1nstitute jointly prepared the “Xiamen energy development strategic plan (2016-2050)”

in recent years, the provincial environmental protection department, the Provincial Department of housing and urban rural development, and the provincial economic and 1nformation Technology Commission have made great progress; Longyan City, Nanping City, Fujian Province; Jimei District and Haicang District of Xiamen City; Baiyin City of Gansu Province and Yancheng environmental protection industrial city of Jiangsu Province have become partners of cites. They have signed strategic cooperation agreements with cites respectively, actively promoting the comprehensive cooperation of local ecological environment protection and sustainable urban construction

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