Accident caused by reverse wearing of reflective clothing

Last night, two maintenance workers were hit by workers wearing reflective clothing on the national highway

recently, because of the Spring Festival transportation, there are more maintenance workers on the highway. Last night, the reporter went with the car for an interview. When he went to the national highway in the west of the city, he encountered a traffic jam. When the reporter walked forward to see what happened, the scene was three floors inside and three floors outside. 1t is understood that that night, because of the traffic accident of the previous two vehicles, the traffic police called the maintenance workers to clear the roadblocks. But at that time, the workers were playing cards in the duty room next to the highway. When they heard the call, they went out with reflective vests and tools. As soon as they went out, a truck came to the left and knocked down two of the workers. Fortunately, because the other two workers at the scene called an ambulance in time, the two workers were also rescued

cause of the accident: two workers wore reflective clothing, which led to the direct occurrence of the accident

during the Spring Festival transportation, there were many more cars on the road than usual. Xiao Bian suggested that the traffic police departments should strengthen management and strengthen the safety awareness of the staff on duty. 1t’s a pleasure to go home during the Spring Festival. Don’t let accidents happen because of artificial paralysis

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