accident handling and safety rope maintenance of electric hanging basket

Electric hanging basket from the promotion of the initial do not know, do not understand, do not use today in the construction industry in large and medium-sized cities has become an indispensable necessary equipment, this change for the industry’s thinking and understanding is a great improvement. 1t can better put scientific and technological achievements into practice. Compared with the previous scaffold, it is an unprecedented leap in the level of construction technology. 1t is precisely because of the characteristics of convenient heightening, simple operation, safe and reliable, various specifications, low investment and high efficiency that the manufacturing and leasing industry of the domestic construction hanging basket is booming. There are no less than dozens of construction hanging basket manufacturing enterprises in China, and the annual output has already exceeded 10000, which can also be called the big country of hanging basket production in the world

zlp630 electric basket is a kind of lifting equipment that uses steel wire rope to lift the working platform vertically from the top of the building through the suspension mechanism along the facade of the building. 1t is suitable for exterior wall construction, decoration and cleaning of high-rise buildings with various structural forms, as well as hull external construction, maintenance and operation in ship building. The hanging basket for work at height has become one of the indispensable equipment in the construction industry, and its ultra-high performance has been generally recognized by the majority of users. The electric hanging basket is simple to operate, safe and reliable, with a variety of specifications, low investment, high efficiency, and widely used

in the process of using the electric hanging basket, sometimes it is inevitable that we will encounter some emergency situations, so once we encounter them, how should we deal with them correctly to avoid improper operation or mistakes? This is very important. 1t is closely related to our safety. Therefore, we can’t be careless about the problem of electric hanging basket. Let’s make a detailed analysis and explanation to let you know

case 1: the working wire rope is jammed and stuck in the hoist

how should we deal with this situation? Wuxi Ketong engineering machinery manufacturing professional and technical personnel told us that at this time should immediately stop the electric basket, must not repeatedly lift to forcibly release the wire rope, in order to avoid danger. 1n addition, in the case of ensuring safety, the personnel on the suspension platform should be evacuated and professional maintenance personnel should be found for maintenance. After maintenance and inspection, it can be used again

case 2: the wire rope at one end of the suspension platform broke, causing the suspension platform to tilt

how should we deal with this situation? Wuxi Ketong engineering machinery manufacturing professional and technical personnel told us that the safety lock should be closed automatically at this time, so that the suspension platform can lock the safety wire rope. At this time, the personnel in the suspension platform should keep calm, not run or jump in the suspension platform, and deal with it according to the treatment method of case one< After that, let's talk about the maintenance of the safety lock in the electric basket. the maintenance of the safety lock is as follows: (1) the debris on the safety lock and safety wire rope should be cleaned in time, and the safety lock should take protective measures, because once foreign matters enter the safety lock, the safety lock will fail or fail (2) the safety lock should be checked before use, collision is strictly prohibited during use, and protection work should be done after use (3) if abrasive particles or adhesive materials are used during work, the rope mouth should be well protected to prevent these things from entering the safety lock< (4) after the general safety lock is put into use, a calibration cycle is 12 months. When the calibration cycle is over, the maintenance should be carried out and the calibration should be carried out again

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