Accurate wearing of activated carbon mask

Activated carbon masks are the most widely used medical devices that can be used to filter the impurities of N95 masks in the air. So, do you know the correct way to wear activated carbon masks

1. Pull the mask up and down to open the fold


3. One side of nose clip (metal bar nose clip, PP nose clip) is upward

4. Use the rubber band on both sides to fit the mask to the face


6. Pull the lower end of the mask to the lower jaw and adjust it to no gap with the face

7. 1t should be noted that when wearing the activated carbon mask, the black side of the activated carbon mask should be put close to the nose

activated carbon masks are the most widely used in our daily life. The structure of a filter mask should be divided into two parts: one is the main body of the mask, which can be simply understood as the shelf of a mask; The other is some filter materials, including filter cotton for dust prevention and chemical filter box for anti-virus. Therefore, with regard to the selection and application of filter masks, some of the products produced in Guangzhou provide you with the following convenience, that is, you can use the same kind of mask body. When you need to prevent dust in the dust working environment, match it with the corresponding filter cotton, so you can wear a dust mask; When you need to carry out anti-virus in a toxic environment, replace the filter cotton and install the corresponding chemical filter box. 1n this way, it will become an anti-virus mask again. Maybe more combinations will be provided for you according to your work needs

can activated carbon mask prevent formaldehyde?

the effect is not obvious. The best way to avoid formaldehyde is not to touch it. We must always adhere to more ventilation in the room. 1t is a good choice to use zhenganling healthy wind or activated carbon with adsorption effect

the principle of activated carbon mask is as follows: the filtration principle of activated carbon mask is to pass through the filter material of activated carbon layer inside the mask, mainly in two ways: 1. Activated carbon fiber cloth; 22. Activated carbon particles. The main function of activated carbon filter layer of activated carbon mask is to absorb organic gas, odor, and toxic dust. 1t is not used to filter dust alone. The filtration of fine dust mainly depends on the cooperation of superfine fiber electrostatic filter cloth, which is also called non-woven cloth and melt blown cloth. Based on these data, the activated carbon mask has two layers of anti-virus and dust-proof effect, so it is not necessary to doubt the anti-virus and dust-proof effect of the activated carbon mask

is the activated carbon mask useful?

the activated carbon component in the activated carbon mask has a strong adsorption function, and can adsorb gas (impurities and harmful substances in the air), liquid or colloidal solid on the surface of the activated carbon mask; As for gas and liquid, the mass of adsorbed material of activated carbon mask is close to that of activated carbon itself. From this point of view, wearing activated carbon mask is very useful

the disposable activated carbon mask is made of 28 grams of non-woven fabric on the surface layer, and the first layer in the middle layer is made of anti bacteria filter paper. The anti bacteria rate reaches 99.999%, which plays an anti bacteria effect and avoids the harm of virus; The second layer in the middle is made of a new type of highly effective adsorption and filtration material – activated carbon fiber and activated carbon cloth, which has the effects of anti-virus, anti odor, bacteria filtration and dust resistance

the features of disposable activated carbon mask are: convenient, clean, clean and environmental protection. 1t can produce a large number of products in a short time and deliver goods quickly. 1t is especially suitable for use during major accidents and infectious diseases

quotation of activated carbon masks:

the brands of masks on the market are increasing, and the quotations range from several yuan to several hundred yuan. The most important thing is to choose the right one. 1n the haze climate, ordinary people are more suitable to wear Kn90 masks

however, it should be noted that for masks with higher filtering power, the resistance may also be higher, that is, the wearing comfort will be slightly reduced, so we should make a trade-off according to our own actual situation. To evaluate the effectiveness of the protective effect of a mask, we should not only look at the filtering power, but also sum up the filtering power, wearing tightness and wearing time. Therefore, to evaluate which kind of mask is the best, we need to consider many aspects. Suitability also varies from person to person

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