Activities of the 13th safety production month in Chongqing

On June 16, the publicity and consultation day of Chongqing work safety month and the exhibition of safety culture and art were held in Hechuan district

it is understood that the safety production month is scheduled to be held in June every year, which is a national activity. This year is the 13th. The theme of this year’s activity is “strengthening the awareness of red line and promoting safety development”

yesterday, the first prize winners of 2013 “Chongqing’s most beautiful safety officer”, 2014 “safety in my heart” calligraphy art competition and Ankang cup competition were commended

during the activity, the Municipal Bureau of work safety set up safety knowledge exhibition boards for traffic, construction, fire and other areas closely related to people’s daily life, and accepted on-site consultation and complaints from the masses

in addition, the activity site was open to the public, showing the emergency rescue command vehicle and fire emergency rescue equipment, and the armed fire police organized fire emergency escape, emergency rescue, emergency descent, fire extinguisher use and other experience activities

ZHENG Hong, deputy director of the Standing Committee of the Municipal People’s Congress and chairman of the Municipal Federation of trade unions, attended the event.

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