adding layer filter cloth can prevent haze?

implementation of national standard for masks, reporter visit

on November 1, China’s first national standard for civil protective masks, technical specification for daily protective masks, was officially implemented. Recently, the haze is rampant in northern China, people have to wear masks, but have you ever thought that wearing masks can really block the haze

recently, a reporter from Yangzi Evening News visited some pharmacies and supermarkets in Nanjing and found that the price of masks with the words “PM2.5” on the package is generally much higher

in a drugstore on babaoqian street in Nanjing, the medical masks for filtering PM2.5 have been sold out of stock. The shop assistant said that the professional medical anti haze mask is really a bit expensive, but fortunately, she couldn’t say where. Now there is a kind of “dust-proof” mask on sale, which also has anti haze effect. However, the reporter found that this “dust mask” is not packaged

in another drugstore, the reporter found that the price of five ordinary disposable masks was only 16.8 yuan, while the price of three PM2.5 disposable masks was 19.8 yuan. The reporter carefully compared the product description, found that the main technical indicators, the two standards are the same, in which the “particle filtration efficiency” is not less than 30%. The only difference is that the “PM2.5 disposable mask” has four layers, while the ordinary mask has only one layer

in the market of Nanjing Huanbei University, the reporter found that the cheapest masks here are only sold for 3 yuan, and some masks have changed into “anti haze” masks just because they have added a layer of filter cloth inside, and they are sold for 20 or 30 yuan each. Most of the salesmen skillfully publicize that the mask can prevent PM2.5, and can be worn by men, women, old and young; Some masks also have a breathing valve device similar to that on gas masks. 1t looks very professional, and of course the price is more expensive

all media reporter Jiao Zhe of Yangtze Evening News

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