Adjusting comfort of labor protection shoes with ultrasonic shoelace

Most of the labor protection shoes on the market come from quantitative production. Because of the difference between the foot shape and the standard shoe-making mold, some people are easy to grind their feet or even blister when wearing new labor protection shoes

“the ultrasonic shoelace device can fine tune the parts of the new labor protection shoes with ultrasonic, making the new labor protection shoes fit better.” This technology has obtained the national patent” The ultrasonic shoe support device comprises a front support, a side support and a back support, which are connected by springs and a work cabinet containing an ultrasonic generator. When the new labor protection shoes don’t fit, put the shoelaces in the labor protection shoes, then put the labor protection shoes into the work cabinet, and lightly touch the external button. That is to say, the ultrasonic principle can be used to fine tune the front, side or heel of the labor protection shoes, and the maximum processing range can reach 5mm. “

“the manufacturing cost of this device is not high, about several thousand yuan. As there is no similar equipment in the market, the market potential is great. 1f the sales stores introduce the device, they can fine tune the new labor protection shoes that are not suitable for customers’ foot shape, which can improve the comfort of the new labor protection shoes and increase the market acceptance

it is believed that with the improvement of consumers’ comfort requirements for labor protection shoes, ultrasonic shoelaces will be vigorously promoted and widely used in the sales field of labor protection shoes

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