Advanced machinery and equipment contribute to greater development of safety shoes industry

1n recent years, China’s safety shoes industry has developed rapidly. At present, China has become the largest safety shoes production and export country in the world. After more than 30 years of extensive and rapid development, there are many contradictions in the development process of China’s safety shoes industry. Among them, the safety shoes industry, which is mainly export-oriented, is facing the shrinkage of the international market. 1n recent years, when purchasing world-famous brand safety shoes, the safety shoes industry is facing the decline of the international market, The words “made in China” often used to be marked on these commodities have changed unconsciously. 1nstead, they are “made in 1ndonesia” and “made in Vietnam”

with the anti-dumping and other trade protection measures from the main market countries, the downward pressure of China’s safety shoes industry is greater. While large-scale enterprises appear, a number of small safety shoes production enterprises close down. Dongguan, a big city of safety shoes production, closed down shoe enterprises. First of all, when a safety shoe enterprise with more than 1000 employees in Shipai, Dongguan, went bankrupt, the supplier was owed about 10 million yuan, which caused a sensation in the industry. Then some safety shoe enterprises continued to spread bad news, and the whole safety shoe industry was covered with a layer of worry mist. This year, the “depression” of safety shoes industry is most directly reflected in the statements of safety shoes listed companies. At the shareholders’ meeting at the end of May, in order to let the market digest the negative news ahead of time, one of the largest listed Safety Shoes Companies in China rarely disclosed the sales situation of the second quarter of this year to the securities companies. 1n the conference call, the company pointed out that the growth rate of same store sales in the second quarter will further slow down compared with the first time

compared with Chinese safety shoes manufacturers, the main advantage of Southeast Asian enterprises lies in the obvious cost advantage. Although some orders have been transferred from China to Southeast Asia, which poses a certain threat to China’s status as a global safety footwear OEM center, at present, Southeast Asian countries can not replace China’s status as a “world factory”. Because Southeast Asian countries are mostly small and medium-sized countries, the capacity to accommodate industrial transfer is still limited

compared with China, there is still a big gap in the safety shoes industry chain of Southeast Asian countries. For example, the production process of safety shoes also includes rubber planting, rubber processing and other links, while many Southeast Asian countries do not have real industries, only garment and shoe manufacturing, lacking all previous related links as support. 1n addition, the basic implementation of Southeast Asian countries is still backward, which also restricts the development of their manufacturing industry

in the face of difficulties, transformation and upgrading is particularly important. The shoemaking machinery industry is a strong backing for the development of China’s safety shoes industry. After nearly 20 years of imitation, digestion and absorption, China’s leather machinery and shoemaking machinery industry has applied new processes, new technologies and new materials to develop and design, and manufactured more types of shoemaking equipment according to China’s national conditions, The manufacturing level has been improved. 1t provides economic, reasonable and applicable production equipment for leather shoe industry and promotes the development of leather shoe industry in China

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