Affected by the market, the prices of all kinds of brand products in the shoe industry have gone up one after another

product price positioning is often closely related to the development of the market. Whether it is the imbalance of market supply and demand, or the rise in the price of raw materials, to a certain extent, are enough to affect the fluctuation of shoe enterprises in product prices

recently, Tebu 1nternational Holdings announced the relevant data of Tebu brand’s order meeting in the fourth quarter of 2010. The data shows that in all product series, the order amount of the key series, mainly running shoes, has achieved a very considerable growth, up 43% year-on-year, in which not only the quantity has increased by 30%, but also the overall average price has increased by 10%

in fact, according to the 2009 financial report released by Anta at the beginning of this year, the average prices of shoes and clothing products of Anta increased by 6.8% and 6.3% respectively. According to the market survey, 361du, hongxingerke, peak, etc. have increased the price of some products in the market to varying degrees

in addition, the unit price of shoes of small and medium-sized brands in Jinjiang also went up one after another, with a maximum increase of 5% ~ 6%

industry insiders believe that the increase in market demand and the improvement of the company’s brand image have helped Jinjiang sporting goods first square to enter the high-end market, and at the same time, the product prices of these brands have also gone up; As for small and medium-sized brands, their prices have also been raised one after another, mainly because of the sharp rise in the cost of raw materials and labor

at the 2011 spring and summer ordering meeting, Wang Xiangyi, an agent of a brand in Jinjiang, came to Jinjiang head office to see the goods and place an order as usual. But the price of shoes at the order meeting made him feel more pressure. 1n this batch of goods, the average price of each pair of shoes is 3-5 yuan more

in fact, there are many brand agents like Wang Xiangyi who feel pressure. They all have one thing in common. Most of these agents are operating some small and medium-sized brands that have just started or are developing

originally in the market, these brands were not well-known enough, and the product differentiation was not obvious. Today’s price rise has made the market development, which was originally a crack in existence, even worse? However, as the head office, this can only be a reluctant move

according to Li Yong, executive director of Feike 1nternational Holding Co., Ltd., affected by the fluctuation of international raw material prices, since the beginning of this year, first the price of rubber sole has been raised, and then the main and auxiliary materials of shoe-making, including leather, super fiber leather and mesh cloth, have increased to varying degrees. The cost of shoe materials has increased by 10% ~ 15% this year, This does not include the increasing cost of manpower. So far, workers’ wages have risen by almost 20%. Ding ruizhan, general manager of ruizhan shoe materials Co., Ltd., said that on the one hand, the cost of shoe materials and human resources is rising; On the other hand, because factories and brands are still in the stage of development, they can not form scale effect to reduce costs, so small and medium-sized brands have to raise prices to meet the needs of survival

to increase the unit price of star products, the first-line brands should keep up with Nike and Adidas

which are quite different from the small and medium-sized brands in Jinjiang. Now the position of Jinjiang sporting goods first Corps in the domestic market is self-evident. Benefited from the release of demand in second and third tier cities and the gradual improvement of the company’s brand influence, their average selling price immediately increased

Anta once pointed out that the increase in average price of products was due to the increase in market demand and the improvement of the company’s brand image

at the same time, Anta and Tebu have already realized scale effect, purchased raw materials in advance and reduced the impact of price fluctuation to a certain extent, thus strengthening the company’s bargaining power and enjoying the discount of large-scale purchase, which also makes them more flexible in cost control< However, their real intention is to increase the prices of some star products and link up with international brands. Following the announcement at the beginning of this year that it will become the first Chinese sports brand as the clothing sponsor of Birmingham football club, the Premier League team, for a period of five years from 2010 to 2015, at the just concluded special step ordering meeting, special step said that in addition to the inherent products, the group will launch the "special step Birmingham" product series in the first quarter of 2011, This part of high-end products will further improve Tebu's fashionable and dynamic brand image in domestic and foreign markets coincidentally, Chen Yu, brand director of peak (China) Co., Ltd., said that the price of peak basketball star products will be about 50-150 yuan higher than the original products of peak. Although there is still a price gap with the same series of products of Nike, it must be able to leverage the domestic first tier cities with the advantage of cost performance, The pricing of these products will play an appropriate role in the development of high-end brands

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