Aikeli haze protection fashion mask also gives you comfortable breathing

This is a new type of children’s (adult) haze protective mask. The elegant and classic appearance gives you a new and natural feeling, and the distinctive manufacturing gives you a new look of joy. The efficient haze protective effect makes you pursue it more. Love at first sight. The haze protective mask brings you fresh air when you need it most, and also gives you comfortable and natural breathing

professional protection technology (through the national standard gb2626-2006) kn95 test, let you rest assured to use, it breaks through the traditional general protection way, using the power of science and technology, with one-way double ventilation valve, effectively avoid secondary pollution, 360 degree veneer treatment, to achieve one-time complete isolation of haze, so that haze does not enter the gap

this is an original patented haze protection mask, which can isolate haze without hindering drinking water. We can not only protect haze, but also enjoy the pleasure of drinking freely. 1t brings us comfort, warmth and convenience. Choosing the haze protection fashion mask can really kill two birds with one stone and achieve real convenience and rapidity

fashion, atmosphere and trend are its outstanding points and its unique features. 1t carries the weight of science and technology without losing its aesthetic and beautiful shape. 1t has changeable combination appearance, light weight and changeable shape. 1t can effectively prevent the entry of dust particles and the infringement of small impurities

in addition, akoli haze fashion mask is portable, sanitary and easy to clean, with built-in filter element, which is convenient to replace and use, very sanitary and simple. Non toxic, harmless, environmental protection materials, is a safe and healthy new haze protection mask.

1 believe that in today’s air pollution problem has aroused widespread concern, having this akoli haze protection fashion mask will surely give you a different tomorrow

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