Air breathing apparatus helps us improve our living environment

Air respirators help us improve our living environment

with the development of green environmental protection knowledge, there are more types of gas mask products on the market. 1 believe this kind of chemical protective clothing product with pure electronic circuit design will highlight its market potential. From the principle of design, the effect of the direct release of decomposition and eliminate noise, consumables, heating, high energy consumption and other advantages are analyzed. 1n the end, good products are believed to enter the market and popularize to consumers in the near future

air respirator experts always pay attention to your health. With the improvement of people’s awareness of indoor environment, people are more and more concerned about the impact of indoor environment on their own health and their families’ health. Based on the practice of indoor environment detection and treatment for many years, the indoor environment monitoring center summarized and summarized the main manifestations of the harm caused by indoor environmental pollution, Please judge yourself according to the following performance

1. When 1 get up in the morning, 1 feel suffocated, nauseous and even dizzy


3. Although they don’t smoke and rarely touch the smoking environment, they often feel uncomfortable in the throat, foreign body sensation and poor breathing< 4. Children often cough, sneeze, and their immunity declines. Children in newly decorated houses are reluctant to go home 5. Family members often have skin allergies and other problems, and they are mass 6 as soon as 1 go to work, 1 feel sore throat, dry respiratory tract, dizziness after a long time, easy to fatigue, and no problem after work. And other staff in the same building also have this feeling 7 the newly decorated rooms of families and office buildings or newly bought furniture have irritating odor, such as glare and pungent smell, and they still smell for more than one year the above phenomena are caused by the unqualified indoor air quality. People spend more than 80% of their life indoors. The quality of indoor air is closely related to our health. 1f you and your family have these symptoms, please take measures as soon as possible to carry out indoor environment detection and treatment, or consult the air respirator to solve the problems, and eliminate the “time bomb” buried around you as soon as possible China labor insurance net

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