Air pollution leads to mask fever

Since last year, smog has hit the city, giving birth to the “mask fever”. This spring, “Yang Xu pollution” once again harassed the public and pushed the mask market to a new climax. Visit a number of stores, shopping malls, printed with a lot of popular elements of the cartoon mask is very popular. Compared with the monotonous and old-fashioned traditional masks, cartoon masks are sought after by many beauty lovers because of their beautiful appearance, different colors, rich patterns and unique shapes

generally, there are only two layers of cartoon masks on the market, with a layer of chemical fiber cloth on the back and bright cartoon patterns on the front. After unpacking, there will be pungent smell, and some masks will have different colors inside and outside. Besides the words “store monopoly”, there is no manufacturer, production address, production date, specification, raw material composition, etc. on the package, only the name of the product is marked. 1n most cases, the seller does not know who the manufacturer is, and most of them are three no products. Cartoon masks are mostly made in small workshops, and some products are even made of inferior cloth. Without disinfection treatment, they are simply packaged and then put into the market. After consumers buy and wear them, they will not only have no protective effect, but even cause skin allergy

How can the public choose the right mask? The following small series introduces 6 kinds of masks for you to choose according to the situation and environment

1. Ordinary civilian mask (cartoon mask) is a kind of daily health care products, which is mainly used for keeping out the cold. There are no unified requirements for its material and specification, and it has no effect on disease prevention

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