Air purification market lead mask enterprises to join

As soon as the PM2.5 policy came out, the public’s health string was immediately tightened, and a lot of “mask men” appeared on the street, and all kinds of masks were put into action. This gives a lot of people opportunities

as one of the top professional mask manufacturers in China, Lin Yanfeng, sales manager of Chaomei Daily Chemical Co., Ltd., has a deep understanding of this” As soon as the PM2.5 policy is announced, my mobile phone will ring every few minutes, the number of inquiry calls has soared from four or five to forty or fifty a day, and someone needs 100000 masks as soon as they open their mouth. “

Lin Yanfeng was a little at a loss because it was unexpected” 1n 2011, we estimate that the daily sales volume is about 200000. 1 didn’t expect that the increase of PM2.5’s attention directly led to the rapid rise of mask sales, with daily sales reaching more than 400000. “

“we are the drafting unit of the new national standard for masks, and also the national emergency reserve unit. We have invested more than 10 million R & D funds, cooperated with the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Zhejiang University to develop new materials and make professional pm2.5-proof masks, which requires this mask to have the maximum dust-proof function and the minimum respiratory resistance.”

Lin Yanfeng said that they have made masks that meet these two requirements” The national standard respiratory resistance is more than 250 Pa. the respiratory resistance of our mask is only more than 50 PA, which can prevent more than 95% of PM2.5. Unfortunately, a mask of more than 100 yuan can only be worn for more than 40 hours, and the cost is very high. We have to continue to research and develop products that people can afford. At least the cost of a mask is less than 10 yuan, and it can be worn for two weeks. “

in the field of air purification

the market is over 100 billion

in the market, the home appliance industry is often the most sensitive to the preferences of consumers. Some home appliance enterprises have smelled the dividend under the PM2.5 policy and began to make efforts to purify the market. Since the exposure of PM2.5, the manufacturers that used to focus on the function of “formaldehyde removal” have added the slogan of “purification of suspended particulates”

TCL home appliance group recently released its strategic plan for 2012, which is to extend its product line horizontally based on TCL Delong’s existing dehumidifiers and transform it into air purification products. After introducing the “net ion group” air purifier into the Chinese market for the first time in March last year, sharp decided to set up a health and environment business unit in early December to take China as the core market for promoting air purifiers. Gree, Midea, yadu, Yuanda, Samsung and many other Chinese and foreign manufacturers also began to run around< According to some analysis, the annual output value of air purifier alone has reached 40 billion yuan in 2010. 1t is estimated that the annual output value of indoor environmental protection industry, including air purifier, will reach 80 billion yuan by 2015 compared with the domestic and commercial markets, the market scale of air purification equipment in the industrial field is larger” National monitoring of PM2.5 is just the beginning. With in-depth research, governance of PM2.5 is a bigger market. ” Provincial Environmental Protection Department said. The person said that if the study learned that an industry has a great contribution to PM2.5, it will definitely need governance, and the demand of industrial enterprises for air purification equipment will also increase significantly some experts predict that the average annual market scale of power desulfurization equipment will be about 13 billion yuan during the 12th Five Year Plan period; The average annual market scale of bag filter is 12 billion yuan. Zhai Yuyou, general manager of Metallurgical Technology Department of Siemens (China), once pointed out that China’s waste gas purification market has a share of more than 100 billion China labor insurance net

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