Alibaba grabs the Chengdu shoes Market

in order to further improve the service capacity of the shoe industry, we will continue to vigorously introduce high-end brands and professional service organizations, and strive to expand the production and marketing market and space of local enterprises. Yesterday, the reporter learned from Wuhou District that the Fifth China Women’s shoes Capital 1nternational Purchasing festival will vigorously develop e-commerce platform Made in China and other e-commerce operators will conduct a special discussion on building Chengdu shoes e-commerce platform< According to the relevant person in charge of Sichuan Provincial Department of Commerce, from 2004 to 2009, the export of Chengdu's shoe industry increased from 75 million US dollars to 664 million US dollars, with an average growth of 55% in the past five years. 1t is estimated that the export of women's shoes in Chengdu will reach 1 billion US dollars this year. The traditional production and sales mode can not meet the current development of Chengdu shoe industry. 1t is imperative to build an e-commerce platform with "low cost, high efficiency, simple and fast". According to the analysis of Yin Guofeng, the regional manager of Alibaba in Chengdu, the shoe industry in Chengdu has concentrated production enterprises, obvious cost and design advantages, and the supporting industrial chain has begun to take shape. On the e-commerce platform, the shoe industry in Chengdu not only has the scale effect of industrial agglomeration, but also has attracted a large number of international buyers from the West because of its unique cost and design advantages. 1t is reported that there are nearly 100 shoe enterprises and foreign trade companies in Chengdu on Alibaba's export platform. The industrial chain effect drives more international buyers to seize the shoes Market in Chengdu Yin Guofeng, regional manager of Alibaba in Chengdu, said that Alibaba will participate in the purchasing Festival, with a view to cooperating with the western shoes capital company to help Chengdu shoes develop new channels and new models, connect with the international market, and enhance the penetration and influence of shoes enterprises in the international market. And hope to promote the promotion of Chengdu shoes brand by developing the e-commerce platform of Chengdu shoes industry and online cooperating with the platform resources of Ali international station; Chengdu footwear business alliance was established offline, and resources such as the government and lecturers of Ali University were used to train Chengdu footwear enterprises in e-commerce, so as to improve the e-commerce ability of the industry and help them integrate with the international market. 1t is reported that Alibaba will hold a “Alibaba e-commerce seminar” during the procurement festival to promote e-commerce platforms to major shoe enterprises. At the same time, on October 18, Alibaba buyer service department and other departments will set up a shoe industry negotiation area at the Western overseas buyers’ Purchasing Conference to help overseas buyers connect with Chengdu shoe enterprises Author: Zhang Yu

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