All for the occupational health of employees

walking into the production workshop of Xi’an Changsheng Chemical Co., Ltd., a striking hazard notification card on the wall came to the reporter’s eyes, which clearly marked the brief introduction of the hazard, symptoms after contact, on-site first-aid methods, preventive measures and leakage treatment points. Jia Feng, chairman of the trade union of the company, told reporters that the main purpose of posting these is to publicize the knowledge of occupational disease prevention and control, strengthen the education of employees, and let employees learn to protect themselves

“the benefits of an enterprise are closely related to the employees. Effectively ensuring the safety of employees is also a kind of saving, and accidents are the biggest waste.” Jia Feng said

Xi’an Changsheng Chemical Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in the production of anticorrosive coatings. The dust, xylene and noise produced in the production process are harmful to the health of employees. The company adheres to the policy of “prevention first, combination of prevention and treatment, comprehensive treatment and classified management”, and effectively ensures the occupational health of workers by strengthening the training of prevention and treatment of occupational diseases, distributing labor protection articles on time and conducting physical examination for workers every year

in the tool cabinet of the company’s production workshop, the reporter saw that there are all kinds of gas masks, gas masks, dust masks, gloves, goggles, safety helmets and emergency medicine. “We have company leaders to inspect the safety of the workshop every day to educate and urge employees to use labor protection articles correctly.” Jia Feng told reporters

not only that, the company is also unambiguous in training. When employees enter the factory, they need to receive occupational safety education. When they change jobs, they also have to receive safety education for new positions. “We tell employees that they have the right to suggest, the right to refuse, the right to escape, and so on. First of all, we must let them understand the possible dangers of their jobs, and let them learn to protect themselves.” Jia Feng said

Yu Qi, a migrant worker from Ningxia, has been working in Changsheng chemical industry for six years. As for the prevention and treatment of occupational diseases in the company, he said: “usually, the company gives us labor protection articles. As long as they are used correctly, they can effectively prevent and treat occupational diseases. Moreover, the company organizes our physical examination every year, and 1 have no worries about our good health. So far, at least, no one in the company has detected any occupational diseases. “

Shaanxi Nanyang dike Furniture Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a well-known furniture manufacturing enterprise in China. The woodworking workshop produces dust and the paint workshop emits toxic gas. To this end, the company has established the occupational health publicity and education training system, the management system of employees’ labor protection articles, the management system of employees’ occupational health monitoring files, etc., and hung these systems on the company’s publicity wall, so that the employees can learn more, understand more, and prevent from various aspects to ensure the safety and health of employees

the reporter saw in the production workshop that the protective facilities for various types of work are in place. The safety warning signs of the workshop are eye-catching, the ventilation equipment is running at full speed, the carpenters are wearing protective goggles, protective gloves, noise reduction earplugs and other supplies, and the painters are all wearing gas masks, and they are concentrating on their work

Wu Shan, chairman of the trade union of the company, told the reporter: “when signing the labor contract, we require that the occupational hazards of each position be clearly written, that is, to arouse the attention of employees to their own health. As an enterprise, the safety and health of employees is the first, which can’t be counted as an economic account, so we have made a lot of efforts in the prevention and control of occupational diseases. “

“with the enhancement of employees’ awareness of rights protection and self-protection, they are also picky about the working environment and job types of enterprises. 1f the working environment of the enterprise is not improved, the health of the workers can not be guaranteed, and the flow of employees is frequent, it will be of no benefit to the enterprise. ” Wu Shan said

Yang Guangfu, a migrant worker in Weinan, Shaanxi Province, is a painter in Nanyang dike furniture manufacturing company. He worked in Shenzhen earlier. “The environment and protection here are still very good,” he told reporters. For our employees, health is the first. Without health, everything is empty talk. When we choose employers, we will definitely go where the conditions are good. “(Reporter Zhang Shizhen)

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