All people boycott Rakuten! What can enterprises do for this silent battle?

Lotte Group of South Korea signed the land exchange agreement for the benefit of the tiger, and “Sade” entered the operation stage. After the news spread which made countless Chinese indignant, there was a wave of “boycott Lotte” all over the country. The wind is blowing fiercer and fiercer. Counting the news of these days, 1 find that the situation seems to become interesting

“Lotte supermarket was fined 500000 yuan for false sales promotion”, “three stores of Lotte supermarket in Beijing were closed one after another and the suppliers recovered the debts”, “Lotte Mart store in Danyang, Jiangsu Province was closed for nearly one month due to fire hazards”… As soon as the news came out, cheers were heard all the time. Xiao Bian, who is also very patriotic at this time, is a little puzzled. Can we only appeal to the public to resist and achieve our goal through these normal and abnormal means

for enterprises, obviously not

it is understood that Lotte Group is one of the five largest groups in South Korea and one of the world’s top 500 multinational enterprises. At present, the globalization strategy is booming in nearly 20 countries around the world. Since entering the Chinese market in 1994, Rakuten has performed well in many fields, including food, retail, tourism, petrochemical, construction, manufacturing, finance, service and so on

the most respectable way to defeat an opponent is not to fight with each other, not to hide a knife in a smile, but to compete in a fair arena. For Rakuten, we seem to focus only on winning and losing, and ignore the process. The more our patriotism spreads, the more Lotte seems to lose. However, the fight that really convinced Lotte is that our enterprises stand up and beat Lotte with strength

today, we only analyze from retail, a branch of Rakuten’s huge empire. Why didn’t you beat it earlier

Lotte’s advanced logistics system has led the development of Korean retail industry. From traditional shopping to online shopping, Lotte, as the leader of Korean logistics industry, is leading the development of the whole retail industry. Whether it’s department stores, discount stores, supermarkets, convenience stores, or TV shopping or online shopping, Rakuten is always ahead of its competitors. With its advanced logistics system, Rakuten can provide consumers with faster shopping environment, personalized products and services. Rakuten has created a new shopping culture and made great contribution to improving the quality of customers’ life

few of our enterprises have achieved this, not to mention the enterprises like Rakuten, which are able to make their mark in the world. When everyone is calling for a boycott, what enterprises should do is to “learn from foreigners, improve their skills and strive for self-improvement”

Rakuten has become the largest online shopping mall in South Korea. Lotte has extensive logistics infrastructure and experience, leading the trend of online shopping in South Korea. Lotte online shopping, as the first comprehensive shopping website opened in South Korea in 1996, has become the largest comprehensive 1nternet shopping mall in South Korea with more than 15 million members through its continuous development. Lotte’s rise was seven years earlier than Ma Yun, who was already famous all over the world

Rakuten strengthens its advantages in the field and strides towards the goal of a global super enterprise. Rakuten has entered the world market on the basis of domestic successful experience. 1t plans to become the leading retail enterprise in Asia by 2020. 1n order to achieve this goal, Rakuten continuously strengthens its leading edge in various fields in the domestic market. The long-term development of an enterprise depends on the focus and development strategy of the enterprise. Rakuten keeps copying the successful mode while accumulating experience. When we all call for boycott, what the enterprise should do is to “learn from foreigners and master their skills to control foreigners”

for individuals, working hard in their own industries and creating more GDP, we will naturally have more confidence when the national economy is strong; For enterprises, on the one hand, they can get off the shelves of Lotte’s goods and services like Jumei premium products and Weilong. On the other hand, what enterprises should do is to improve the quality of their products, so that Chinese people can choose domestic products because of the quality. At that time, there is no need to boycott, and these foreign products will not have a market in China

frankly speaking, compared with the “patriotic behavior” in the past, Chinese people are more rational this time” 1t is necessary to be patriotic, and more rational is the best way to protect the national honor! Let’s share a young man’s speech on boycotting Japanese goods:

after the boycott,

let’s calm down and make good products

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